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Stats details not showing

  1. You're welcome!

    For everyone else tuning in, this should really be fixed up now, though you may need to clear your browser's cache:

    Sorry for the trouble!

  2. This is still broken for me; the old stats work, but for the new stats the bar graph never gets created, etc, same as previously reported.

  3. Yes, it has always been enabled.

  4. Are you using any extensions like AdBlock or NoScript? If so, would you please try with those disabled?

  5. I've never had or used anything like that... I don't even block popups.

  6. And; I'm still getting "page not found" errors as well, just fyi. But the old stats are still working, go figure.

  7. Page not found? That's odd. What is the URL in your browser's address bar when you see that error?

  8. Trying to access today's stats in the new stats area, after navigating around to get the daily stats to show up, I was taken here:!/my-stats/

    which says "page not found."

    Then, I tried yesterday's stats, and they worked fine, so I tried today's stats again, and was sent to this url!/my-stats/?day=2012-07-10

    which did work. (lol)

  9. Huh, that is very odd. So, is it working consistently now?

  10. No, the new stats pretty consistently do NOT work; the bars rarely load when the page is originally loaded, they only load after going to the Weekly stats and then back to the Daily, and the "page not found" has been pretty consistent too... but the OLD stats ARE working consistently.

    Well... except the # of search terms is always several short of the # of search engine hits, but I don't know if that's connected.

  11. Hm, that is very odd indeed. Are you having trouble with any other parts of

    Also, which browser (and version of) are you using?

  12. I only go to pages connected with my blog, and now this forum, but the stats are the only issue I'm having right now. I'm on a non-Intel Mac using Safari 5.0.6 (the last version available for non-intel Macs).

  13. Ok, are you running OS X 10.4?

    If so, Opera 10.63 was the last browser to support it OS X 10.4 on non-Intel systems. Would you please try that?

  14. I'm running OSX 10.5.8, which is the final update for non-Intel Macs.

    I'll need my husband's help to install a new browser, so that'll have to wait for tomorrow. I'll let you know when I've tried it out. :-)

  15. I installed Opera, and everything worked (except the map wouldn't load)... but everything also just worked on Safari, so it doesn't really tell us anything, I guess.

    I do show 3 Google hits and only 1 search term, with both browsers; is that a system bug or something unique to whatever's going on with my account?

  16. No, just normal visits to your blog, 3 from Google for the same search term.

    We're still working on the map bit.

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