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    This should be all fixed up now.

    If you’re still having trouble, please tell us exactly what you’re having trouble with, and please tell us your browser and what version it is.



    I still have the same problem as the one bobberwyn originally posted about: clicking the bar graph on the dashboard will only take me to a screenshot of the traffic bar graph (which responds to my mouse’s hovering over it) but clicking this new graph again does nothing. I am on Chrome 20.0.1132.47 m.


    I’m still not able to view my stats! I did a “view source” of the blank page showing just the daily graphical bar chart… Because it starts with a spinning W (WordPress logo, classic-64.gif) and then, shows just the graphical bar chart.

    Next, it does a jQuery to flot-stats-data.php, which shows nothing but the chart, itself.

    The rest of the page is blank, as if some code was rewritten.

    The problem replicates in Linux and Windows XP via Chrome & Chromium, and shows the same in Android’s browser. Was WordPress hacked into?



    Thanks for confirming, we’re still looking into this!

    We weren’t hacked, just some upgrades that went wrong somewhere. It happens from time to time.


    I’m using Safari 5.0.6. Currently, the old stats are working, although slowly, and the new stats are still the same:

    In the new stats area, the bar graph does not show up. I went to Weeks, and then back to Days, and then DID get the bars… but clicking on them to view the daily stats takes me to “Page Not Found.”



    Safari 5.0.6 is a bit out of date. Are you able to upgrade to the current release, 5.1.7?

    It won’t fix the current issue, that’s on our end, but new browser versions always include important security and bug fixes.


    Safari 5.0.6 is the highest upgrade there is, or will ever be, for non-Intel Macs, which is what I have; I can’t ever go any higher. :-(



    I’m having all kinds of issues in the dashboard now, using Firefox 13.01. Post edits are SLOW to load, I can’t upload photos, it won’t let me schedule posts … but I did figure out how to see daily stats.



    formerheathen, not a problem, I understand.

    bobberwyn, if you’re having issues separate from the stats issue covered in this thread, please start a separate thread.



    Thanks macmanx. Everything is working great now.



    You’re welcome!

    For everyone else tuning in, this should really be fixed up now, though you may need to clear your browser’s cache:

    Sorry for the trouble!


    This is still broken for me; the old stats work, but for the new stats the bar graph never gets created, etc, same as previously reported.



    Yes, it has always been enabled.



    Are you using any extensions like AdBlock or NoScript? If so, would you please try with those disabled?


    I’ve never had or used anything like that… I don’t even block popups.


    And; I’m still getting “page not found” errors as well, just fyi. But the old stats are still working, go figure.



    Page not found? That’s odd. What is the URL in your browser’s address bar when you see that error?


    Trying to access today’s stats in the new stats area, after navigating around to get the daily stats to show up, I was taken here:!/my-stats/

    which says “page not found.”

    Then, I tried yesterday’s stats, and they worked fine, so I tried today’s stats again, and was sent to this url!/my-stats/?day=2012-07-10

    which did work. (lol)



    Huh, that is very odd. So, is it working consistently now?

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