Stats display on dashboard: configurable

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    I like looking at stats, but I’d rather do so just occasionally. With the stats in the top bar on the dashboard, it’s near-impossible to avoid seeing them. Often, I’d rather not know how few people read my last post when I go to write a new one ;-)

    I’d like to propose that there be a configuration option to hide / remove the display of statistics on the dashboard page, allowing those of us who want to look, but not be forced to, that option.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have no trouble ignoring mine. :) Have your read this?
    Quick Tip: Ignore Your Stats


    Yes; I posted this since the author suggested that I do so ;-)

    They appear on the front page; they’re there and thus difficult to avoid seeing. My peripheral-vision-exclusion capacity isn’t up to not noticing numbers which are on the screen just slightly above where the actual content is!



    LOL :D I didn’t realize that you had been directed here. Sorry.

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