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Stats displaying incorrectly?

  1. Why do my stats suddenly show only one visitor a day for every day?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same with me.

  3. Mine too but I'm not sweating it as I expect that Staff are working on that function.

  4. empressofaiken

    same with me

  5. Same here. I just noticed it today. Anyone have an idea how long it's been an issue?

  6. Thanks, everyone. It seemed to correct itself last night, but then maybe not this morning. As long as it's a known issue, then I'm fine.

    Was hoping I hadn't broken WordPress! :)

  7. Me too...well my post I put up today apparently has had 1 visitor but 33 views on the same post...which I know is not true as several people are commenting on my facebook link to the post, having said they've read it...

  8. I'm using Firefox 18 and my stats are displaying!/my-stats/

    To be clear about this our stats are not real time stats. They do take time to update.

  9. I don't believe the stats anyway!

  10. @apetcher
    Was that meant to be helpful?

  11. Hi there, anyone else experiencing a decline in the number of views/visitors? I usually get a handful of hits every day, haven't had a 'hit-less' day for months yet I've not had a single hit since Friday according to the stats - does that sound like anyone else or am I just unpopular? *sob*!!

  12. My stats seem to have corrected themselves since the initial problem was resolved. I haven't had many hits this weekend either, maybe because of the 3 day weekend?

  13. Hi all,

    Thanks for the reports. Is anyone still having problems with their stats display?

  14. @richardmtl
    I'm not. As usual it took a little time for them to catch up and as usual I was too busy answering questions to be staring at my stats page.

  15. Mine seem to have corrected themselves within 24 hours. I was just concerned I'd missed something I was supposed to be looking for. New to this!

    Thanks, everyone.

  16. Hi, I am still having problems.
    Apart of that, I would like to know why stuff deleted my forum topic on this subject? The one deleted had started before this one.
    I would really like to know more on this.

  17. Hi sanjanik,

    When I view your stats here:!/my-stats/?unit=1&blog=34497057

    everything appears normal to me. What problems are you having, exactly?

  18. Hi richardmtl,
    Thanks for your reply.
    It shows incorrect number of visitors, for example it shows visits from 2 different countries, but it says 1 visitor, 4 views.
    It looks that the views are ok, but the visitors are displayed wrong.

  19. Hi sanjik,

    Measuring stats for website visits will always be an innacurate affair, for various reasons. For a quick primer into why this is so, have a look at these articles:

    To find out more about how our stats are measured and reported, see the following help page.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know!

  20. Thank you so much richardmtl for the links!
    As I can see, this is not unusual, this can happen and statistics can't be 100% right.

    One more thing I would like to know is why my topic on this subject was deleted.
    The one that I had started already existed when this here appeared and mine was deleted in favor of this here.
    I would like to know more on this things as well, because if this happened just because somebody reported and that person was wrong which one to delete, then how to get protected from deleting our topics?
    I reacted on the topic not to be deleted but this was ignored.
    Please check here:

    Thank you!

  21. Hi Sanjanik,

    Staff can and will close threads when we think that the issue is best dicsussed in another thread, to make it a bit easier for us to track things. In your case, a member of our staff thought it best to close that thread, but your posts were not deleted.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  22. I used to believe what stats showed to me. But ever since I installed a new statcounter, I realized there was a gap: unaccounted visits on either sides. Meaning, everything coming through "google wireless transcoder" (dozens or readings for hours I monitored bitterly on statcounter) or from Opera browser do not count for the wordpress stats - and also things which do not appear on statcounter,com but are counted by wordpress stats. I guess we just have to come to terms with that inconsistency.
    plus, i never see the bars lately - only when i see the small preview on my dashboard. it's an empty shell.

  23. gadjodillo: which site are you having difficulty viewing the stats for? I can have a look myself to see if there's an issue.

  24. I was able to view the stats here with no problem:!/my-stats/?unit=1&blog=766568

    If you can't see them, can you please take a screenshot of what you see? You can take it and post it here:

    Please give me the link once you've done so. Thanks!

  25. Help! Incorrect visitor stats for my blog! I know for a fact that multiple people have viewed the post, and yet the visitor number is still at 1, while the views are at 18. Further substantiation of the error is that these views are from different countries, so it's obviously not just one person clicking on a link 18 times. What gives?

  26. Well, the problem seems to have fixed itself for now. I still have a screenshot, so I know I'm not crazy! But the visitor number jumped to 6, while the views number rose to 19. So hopefully that'll be the end of it? I'm still somewhat concerned that this happened in the first place though.

  27. Hi mjeleon, please see the links that posted earlier in this thread. As mentioned, website view statstics are not accurate, and with smaller numbers, they can appear at times to be even more disparate with smaller numbers. Let me know if that helps!

  28. I understand that view statistics are not accurate, but isn't there a way at least to overcome inconsistencies such as having a smaller number of visitors than of countries from which they visit? I mean, if I see my blog has, let's say, 1 visitor and views from 3 countries, it's clear that something is wrong there. Isn't there anything that can be done about it?

  29. Web stats aren't an exact science, and inconsistencies are really the nature of the beast.

    The core of the issue is that we can only track the data that the visiting browser offers us, this is true of any stats system.

    It's entirely possible that you have 3 visitors, each from a different country, but we didn't get enough data to officially classify them as unique individuals.

    It's also entirely possible that this is 1 visitor, routing through a proxy which goes through servers in 3 different countries.

    In short, there will always be an incredible amount of variables, but we do our best with the data we're given. If you add the word "about" in front of every number, it all makes more sense. :)

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