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    I have always suspected that the number of total views shown on the stats page does not reconcile with the number of follows and likes I get.

    I mean I get a certain number of likes and follows a day and it follows that the number of views on the blog would be greater than these. But it was always lesser.

    Then I reached a blog called Harshit Chauhan’s blog and lo and behold I noticed –
    921 hits
    1159 follows

    Is that possible. If a person gets 100 hits a day 10 may translate into follows. So the number of hits should always be higher, right? How can someone get a like or follow without the page being viewied?

    Am i missing something?

    The blog I need help with is



    Your followers can like your posts via “Reader” without visiting your blog. There are many other ways of likes, as from email sent to them, via RSS feed etc.

    Your followers may be the people from social media. When you publicize your blog to social media followers there are counted as your blog followers. No matter they have ever visited your blog or not.



    Hnsaifi, Thank you so much for addressing my query.

    But the Reader only shows an extract of your post. Do people hit like or follow just by reading a line?

    And my blog is not linked to any social media site. So I know for a fact that I don’t get any likes or follows from there. Nor have i the option of RSS feed on my blog.



    Nor have i the option of RSS feed on my blog.

    RSS is built into ALL WordPress.COM blogs – your blog has the feed but you are not displaying the RSS Widget – your main blog feed is below

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