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    Hello everyone !

    Re stats: usually I get no more than say at most twenty views a day, on my homepage and post pages. So far so good. However, the day before yesterday I put up a flag counter and guess what: that gadget gives an entirely different count, like today I had 67 unique visitors and yesterday about the same. So what gives??

    Thanks in advance



    Hi. There are certain kinds of visits that are not counted by WordPress.COM stats but that may be counted by other stat counters:

    The following are not counted:

    * Visits from registered users of the blog when they are logged in.
    * Visits to uploaded documents and files
    * Visits from browsers that do not execute javascript or load images.
    * GoogleBot and other search engine spiders.


    If you are certain the visits in question do not fall in either of these categories, you may want to contact staff directly. We volunteers have no access to the back end of WordPress.COM, so staff would be in a better position to investigate.



    ALL stat counters count different things. A “hit” isn’t the same on different platforms, so different platforms will almost always give different totals. What’s important is when one set of stats shows one trend and another shows a different trend. That would tend to indicate that one set isn’t accurate.



    Sorry for getting back to this topic somewhat belated. Thanks for replies.

    Meanwhile, observing different stat behaviour, the discrepancy persists. Yes indeed, all statcounters do count differently, like this one makes 1+1 = 3 but another makes it 1+1 = 1/2. and number three might say 1+1 = 100.

    However, I do find some kind of consistency within the maze. Stopped worrying about it, main thing is that there IS traffic.

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