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Stats down?

  1. It appears that the stats are down. It makes me sad. :-(


  2. not down for me :-) try refreshing your browser and cache

  3. Tried that before posting. Also tried a separate machine. Interestingly, the stats came back and the numbers for today had increased, so it's still working. But it went away just as quickly.

    I appear to have a display problem with my stats through all time. Thanks.

  4. Stats ninjas are investigating.

  5. Possibly related issue: I've just tried for an hour and cannot get the stats plugin to work with my self-hosted blog. It only accepts one of my API keys, but then will not let me log in.

  6. The stats are blinking on and off with each reload. I have ... some idea where I stand, so I'm not so sad now. :-) It's just that ballot starts tomorrow for the Weblog awards, and as a finalist for Best Culture Blog I want to see how things are going during the day. I'm being unreasonably nervous about it.

    Thanks, tellyworth, for sending out the ninjas. I'll stay clear of them.

  7. FWIW the stats are now running again on my blog.

  8. The problem is unlikely to be with recording, it's a display issue, so stats shouldn't be lost.

  9. I really don't care all that much, but the "recent comments" widget is janky today. Two people posted comments, first they dont appear on the recent comments widget and then they don't appear in the comment count. Then I get on the computer 20 minutes later then they appear, then I go away, surf some more sites come back and then they don't appear. Also I was going to contact wordpress people but I didn't want to appear annoying as I usually am, but the general settings page is a lot as illustrated here

  10. The settings > general page has been off for a few weeks.

  11. It seems to work this morning - thanks to those who made it so!

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