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Stats Down?

  1. Are the stats down? I haven't had any hits all afternoon, and someone told me he was just reading my blog. The numbers did look a little low.


    (12 August, 3:26 CDT)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Mine have been frozen for about three or four hours.

    I just contacted support asking if it was a known issue. You might contact them as well.

  3. Many thanks. Didn't want to sound an alarm unecessarily. I think this happens from time to time and it unfreezes.

  4. Oh, I left a question on the same thing. I should have looked harder to make sure I'm not the only one this is happening to.

  5. Right, me too.

  6. hardrockhideout

    Mine appeared to be frozen today. My traffic was off 75%. I can understand some traffic changes, but this seems a little drastic.

  7. Mine are way way down since Monday. Something's definitely happened. I've averaged 250 hits/day this year. Yesterday it dropped down to 18. Today so far 3. And all the incoming links are gone.

  8. Mine went all the way down from an average of 8500 per day to 11 today. So yes, something is broken.

    I have another stat tracker and it is showing my usual amount of traffic.

  9. My daily stats appear to be normal, but they're not being tallied in the number of "Total Views" (the aggregate amount since my blog was created two years ago). That total isn't budging even as the daily stats continue to rise.

  10. i joined yesterday, but all my stats from yesterday have disappeared! is there a problem at the moment with the counter? is there another stat tracker you would recomemmd? thanks!

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