Stats down dramatically – hooray!

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    Suddenly, on August 10th, my stats went haywire, registering hundreds of hits every day (up to 1300), instead of the usual 50-150 (presumably home page hits because no increase in page/post views). Apart from the odd day when the stats have dropped like a stone, they’ve remained like this until about 8 days ago. They’ve since dropped back to their previous level.

    Anyone seen anything similar? I contacted Support back in August, but they reckoned the sudden increase was genuine (v. hard to believe).

    Never thought I’d be happy to see my stats plummet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they stabilise here for a while, as the recent figures have masked any chance of monitoring the real reach of my blog (

    The blog I need help with is



    What did the information on where people were linking from say.

    I often get these spikes on my Flickr stream, it usually means someone (more popular than me) has linked to my content.


    Nothing obviously unusual in the referrers – other educational sites linking to me, my twitter feed, the odd facebook page etc.

    It feels like there must be some sort of automated visitor(s) to the home page registering as real views, but no idea if that’s possible/realistic.

    Anyway, if someone was linking to me, they must have suddenly lost interest!

    Ah well, at least I can once again figure out how many of our postgrads are bothering to keep up to date with our careers info (as long as it remains stable).


    PS davethedude – love the pictures.



    Manchesterpgcareers, you can install statcounter and/or sitemeter for statistical tracking.



    i’m having the same experience… my pageviews shoot up to 1000+ a day lately…very unusual…but then i find out that there’s really an automated referers



    It could be a service like the Alpha Inventions!

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