Stats dropped from 70 a day to 2 for no clear reason, is the stat tool broken?

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    A few days ago my stats dropped completely from rising every day for the last couple of months to suddenly dropping off completely to 1 or 2 a day. Any ideas why this could be? All my posts are still findable in just the same way in google etc but I’m not getting either the same number of visitors who are maybe getting lost on their way into the site or the reporting has stopped working. Has anyone else had this problem in the last few days?

    The blog I need help with is



    My blogs have a 6 year long pattern of very low weekend traffic, very low holiday weekend traffic, and extremely low traffic in December. I tagged this thread so Staff will take a look at your stats. Please subscribe to the thread so you will be notified when Staff respond.


    Thanks for that info, really useful to know. I tried to look at fixing the problem in other ways, for example with changing the nameservers to map with original sitting blog at to which probably doesn’t help the situation, it was up and working fine just a couple of hours ago and was for the last 24 hours now it’s gone again, but stats wise it does not seem to have changed, just appears weird that my site went from 71 on a tuesday to about 9 on a wednesday (those were mostly me panicking about my site disappearing from the world of search. Thank you..I’ll explore a bit more. by any chance can you see up on your end timethief?



    Hi there,

    There is nothing that we have done to cause your viewers to not visit your site, nor that we have done to cause your stats to not register.

    As Timethief notes, this could just be a result of people not in the office for the Christmas break. I took a look at your stats and the keywords being used, and everything seems to be in order.

    And I CAN see your site! It can take up to 48 hours for nameserver changes to take effect, and your site can be unavailable during that time. But it looks like everything is working now!


    Hiya! Thanks for taking a look, everything seems to be falling into place now, seemed as was said, just a slow patch and the change of nameservers didn’t help that drop. Thank you!!



    Glad to be of service!

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