Stats dropping since redirecting from self-hosted to dot com

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    I lost my site when my web hosted deleted everything. I imported an older database it into my blog that I hadn’t used and paid for the domain upgrade and mapped the dns to the blog.

    While all links seem to be working, my stats are dropping by the day. I imported the database late Wednesday evening and started getting hits straight away. The next two days stats were not bad but lower than usual. Yesterday and today have seen a significant drop in visitors and page views.

    The domain is registered with webmaster tools, and is showing that out of 289 urls submitted, only 88 were indexed. I assume this is based on my old sitemap.xml from my self-hosted site. I should also point out that the year old database I’m working from is different from the last updated one webmaster tools would have been working with. Some posts were deleted and new ones added so some changes had taken place in that one year.

    Will this situation with my stats naturally improve over the next few weeks or is there anything else I need to do?

    The site is Tarot Elements. On, the address is .

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    The blog I need help with is

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