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Stats Feedback

  1. Hi Supernovia,
    Hope you're having a sunny day... : ) I skimmed through these forum entries and didn't spot one of my concerns.... Will WP be returning the Top 10 blogs and posts to the What's Hot section?.... Those are interesting..... I was also concerned about not seeing the list of WP followers and email followers, but found them now..... It was nice seeing them on the Dashboard page.

    In searching for the list of my followers, I came across one list that ran very slowly --- so slowly that a notice appeared at the top saying, "A web page is slowing down your browser. What would you like to do?" ..... "Stop" or "Wait". The only web page open was WP and the browser was Firefox...... There was another link to them that worked fast.

    That's all.... Thank you all for everything.


  2. @ingridcc @tpenguinltg the stats tables weren't always there; our developers have been working on the feedback here and that was a big request. :)

    My mistake then. Thanks for the hard work!

    I just noticed that on the post stats for the home page (post ID 0 in the URL), if you click on "View Post", the page that pops up is the stats page. In addition to my previous remarks*, the expected behaviour when clicking "View Post" is that it should present the home page. If ID 0 is truly for unknown posts, this button shouldn't even be there.


  3. Oh, hi @96isaiah ! The top posts should already be there. Posts & Pages show the top post for the day / week / month or even the year you have selected. Click on the bars to access a different day.

    The insights page has your followers on it -- they are currently split up between followers and Email followers, but we're working on a unified view.

    Can you send a link to the page that gave you a slow script warning?

  4. @nickpmacdonald a few features I like:

    - clicking on the "bars" for more data (vs just hovering over them for a little info)

    - "years" data is easy to access

    - being able to view comments / likes for various periods

    - extra data on the Insights page

    - more consistent with our apps

    Hope that helps :)

  5. @supernovia,
    I totally appreciate your work in sifting through these posts and being a conduit between us users and the developers. Thank you.

    In reference to your comment about about supposed improvements in the new stats over the old stats:

    - clicking on the "bars" for more data (vs just hovering over them for a little info)

    That is not an improvement because it isn't a new feature.

    That functionality was there in the old stats as well, I used it frequently. Yes, hovering on a bar in the day's graph gave you a bit of extra data as a pop-up, and sometimes that was all I wanted.

    But clicking on the bar brought up a whole page of data for that day, just as it does now.

    There is one improvement on that page in the new stats - now the country info is listed on that page as well as the posts, clicks, and referrers. In the old stats, country info was not available for past days, only for the present day (though the cumulative totals of past days were available in the summaries link within the current day's country section).

    That is indeed an improvement, and I thank the developers for it.
    It's the only improvement I've noted in the new stats.

    Your other listed improvements are ones I'm not aware of, will try to go back to the stats page and see what they are. More consistent with WP apps I'll assume is true, but I don't remember ever having a problem viewing comments before. I don't have likes enabled on my blog so that is irrelevant to me. The Insights page seemed so devoid of anything interesting that I immediately bookmarked the Days page to avoid having to land on Insights. I'll go back and check it to see if it's improved somehow...

    Re @nickpmacdonald's first three posts here - I don't understand why you asked him to be more specific? He actually gave quite specific examples both in words and with an excellent visual comparison. I agree with all of his detailed comparisons between the old stats' graph and the graph in the new stats, and his visual comparison illustrates them perfectly.

  6. @supernovia and @stats developers: Thanks for this from me, too!

    @ingridcc @tpenguinltg the stats tables weren't always there; our developers have been working on the feedback here and that was a big request. :)

    My mistake then. Thanks for the hard work!

  7. Hi Supernovia,
    Thanks for getting back to me. This reply is rather long and hope you can wade through it.
    “Posts & Pages” you mention is an account of my posts and pages. The “What’s Hot” section of the Dashboard used to have tabs for the Top 10 Blogs and the Top 10 Posts for all of WordPress. That’s what I would like to see again. Hope that comes back on the Dashboard.
    Aaaaach! Please, please don’t unify the followers and Email followers. I have a real appreciation for my email followers because they are more likely to be sincerely reading my posts as they arrive in their email boxes. These are non-bloggers. They don’t have an axe to grind. When they want to unsubscribe for any reason, they do. But, at least I’m able to see who they are in general.
    The vast majority of my WordPress followers are not following my blog. The WordPress followers are only using my site to try and increase their followers. That is very obvious from the fact that they never show up in the stats and the fact that many of their blogging subjects are obviously not interested in Christianity. Please do what you can to stop plans to unify the stats for these very different kinds of followers. It would be horrendous trying to figure out who my sincere followers are. There aren’t all that many. That’s why I would so greatly appreciate it if WP would NOT combine the followers.
    I’ve had quite a time finding the links that you want. I started out with ……. /stats/day/ In the upper right corner of Stats page is a link to Followers that locks up and gives a dialog entitled, Warning: Unresponsive Script. The link to that is……. /people/followers/
    I checked around some more and then it started responding, but later I went to……. /people/email-followers/ and it locked up again with the same warning dialog. Might this be something just with my site. Do I need an update of sorts? Maybe there’s some sort of glitch that makes it unstable at times.
    Hope all this helps and that WP can accommodate me on the follower stats. Have a great day!

  8. @96isaiah thank you, that's interesting feedback! I agree (unfortunately) that many followers are only following for stats; do know we try to keep an eye on folks who abuse that.

    re: What's Hot, do you mean this section of your dashboard?

    I don't remember it being on the stats pages, but I have passed that along to our developers.

    re: keeping and mail followers separate, thank you; noted as well. I think current plans are to keep them separated but display them without any dropping-down required, as per the feedback we've received here.

    re: the lockups, it sounds more like there's something stuck in your offline data. Calypso downloads more data so it can help you browse our interface faster, but if that data's having issues it's best sometimes to just re-download it. Can you try clearing your offline data for your browser to see if that helps? And if you need help with that, please do drop in a new thread and add the "modlook" tag.

  9. @ingridcc @tpenguinltg thanks for the thanks. It means a lot. We really have been working hard on this, and we have a few more changes coming up based on the feedback here. I hope you'll like them.

  10. @ingridcc re: But clicking on the bar brought up a whole page of data for that day, just as it does now.

    Ah, my bad; some versions did let you click through. It looks like that still didn't display everything the new version does though, for what it's worth.

  11. Hi Supernovia,
    Guess I’m too old school (just plain old). I find it hard to say “@supernovia”. It sounds too cold. Thank you all for keeping track of those WP followers, who can’t help but follow stats only --- and only want to create stats for themselves. And, thank you all for keeping the stats of email followers separated from the WordPress followers without any dropping down required. That should work. (Please put email followers on top. : ) ……. Hint, hint. )
    Re: “What’s Hot” --- Yes, that section of my Dashboard is what I meant --- but I looked at it as a stat --- a stat of what is on WP for the day --- just like the small bar graph on the right-hand side of the Dashboard is about stats. That “View” link there is usually where I go to start looking at stats --- an oldie but goldie thing. I love it there. And --- if I recollect correctly (but, don’t count on that) --- that is probably where I started in looking at the list of followers that insists on locking up and that gave me a warning dialog.
    I like and greatly appreciate having these various sections right on the Dashboard. After all, every one of these important sorts of things are on the Dashboard of a car. If one has to go blindly hunting for them, one could end up in an accident. Hence, the need for clarity from the get-go --- the Dashboard.
    Re: the lockups, I don’t understand that Calypso thing --- will have to look into it. But, when I use Firefox for WordPress, that is the only time I use Firefox. When I leave Firefox, I always clean out the history. I use Internet Explorer for everything else, because that is what I started with years ago and am accustomed to it. I use Firefox only because WP wants me to. I even use Internet Explorer for following various blogs and that is where I run into a big time problem. If I want to leave a comment on a WP blog, it’s a gross mess. But, all my “Favorites” are in IE, so that is where I surf. Firefox has everything messed up in my “learned” way of organizing things. Oooh boy!
    All those troubles are another thread, so I won’t bring them up here. It’s probably internet politics. Life is too short for all that.
    All in all, I thank all of WP for taking care of us bloggers --- diversified as we may be. It’s got to be a huge job. Kudos to you all.

  12. I realise I am very late to the party in responding to supernovia's original comment here.

    Personally, I think you are being a bit disingenuous. The reason "most people" were not using the old stats page is because WordPress took away any direct links to those pages last summer. Those without the know-how wouldn't have gone looking for it and new members would never have looked for something they didn't know existed.

    I had mine bookmarked so I could continue to access them until December. However, I have found links to the old details but they are not advertised within the admin pages for my blog as far as I can see.

  13. @mgm75 exactly.

  14. I know nick. I just can't believe in a time when WP proudly announced it powers 27% of the internet and is the largest blogging site on the planet that they are removing functions and features instead of adding them :-/

  15. So why has the countries map disappeared? Changing things with no notification is a bad business model and one that seems to infect you as well as Facebook

  16. Sorry - I seem to have lost the link again for the good stats page - could someone post again how to reach it? Thanks!

  17. @elfkat where are you missing a countries map?

  18. Margaret, thanks again for that feedback. We weren't able to get the "what's hot" section added in this round of features, but do know it's on the list for a future iteration. You'll still be able to see it in your older /wp-admin dashboard as you'd like.

  19. Hi Supernovia,
    That's great --- but this old lady doesn't know whether or not I'm in my "older/wp-admin dashboard" --- or how to get to the old one, if I am in the new one. I don't recall making any Dashboard changes. Things just changed one day. Whatever I'm in, the Top 10 blogs and Top 10 posts are not in the "What's Hot" section.

    It's a puzzlement. : )

  20. Margaret, ah, okay. Right now we have two sets of stats. An older one, which you can find here: (the "What's Hot" section is here: )

    And we have the newer stats here:

    For this thread we've been going through feature requests for the newer version (mainly because we had to finally cut off access to a "middle" version that was breaking down). While we weren't able to get all of requests finished, we did get quite a few and are just working out the last details.

  21. I noticed that there's now a sticky "← Stats for [Date] →" bar when scrolling down, I assume in an attempt to address the whole "yesterday's stats" problem. While I see this as a potentially viable solution, the time spent waiting for the data to load is too long that there's still a noticeable context switch. This can be made better if the data for at least yesterday is preloaded. The boxes also jump around based on how large the ones above them are, but I don't know how to fix that if you're set on using the sticky bar.

  22. @elfkat I'm wondering if you're looking at the list of stats for all your sites. Try selecting a single site on the left and you'll find country maps and more.

  23. Hi @tpenguinltg, I want to say the older version loaded today and yesterday while you waited for the page to render. If you clicked on any another time period, you'd need to reload the whole page, and that page typically didn't display as much data.

    Right now we don't pre-load yesterday, but if you click on yesterday or the day before, you won't be waiting for full-page reloads either. Does that make sense? Also, I want to point out that each "day" (or week, or month) page has all of the info "today" has, with maps and everything -- that was not available in the middle version.

    If it's still taking much longer than what makes sense given that explanation, go ahead and open a new thread with a modlook tag and we'll troubleshoot with you.

  24. @supernovia
    Just to make sure, you're saying that the Calpyso page fetches yesterday's stats via an AJAX call so that only the components that change (i.e. the boxes) are re-rendered (as expected of a React app), whereas the old stats page sent the data for today and yesterday in the reply, and any other time period required a full-page reload.

    Indeed, that is what I see, and I realize that's why there is a delay (still a couple of seconds) when loading yesterday's stats in the Calpyso page. My suggestion still stands, however. I believe that looking at yesterday's stats is common enough that the data for yesterday should be preloaded. If the sticky bar was one way of addressing the context switch problem for yesterday's stats, then preloading would further enhance the solution because it's less time for me to forget what I was looking at.

    I should also make it clear that I'm using the left arrow in the sticky bar, which is why I'm assuming that it's a solution to the context switch problem.

    Actually, now that I try it again, the behaviour I see is different. I saw spinners when I posted my comment earlier, but now it just waits until it receives the data and re-renders when it's ready (about 1-2 seconds). I wonder if it was just my connection earlier. If so, then this solution will probably do without preloading. Not everyone is on a high speed connection and they may see a delay, but for me, this should be fine.

  25. Thanks, yeah that makes sense. I'll pass along that feed back. I don't know whether it'll make it into this iteration, but we'll have it on file.

  26. @tpenguinltg I got some feedback on that request: we won't be prefetching more data. The time of preloading vs loading on demand isn't really different. But preloading more than what's displayed does significantly increases the download size for the page, which makes a difference for those on slower connections or who pay data usage fees. We have decided against it for now. I hope you understand.

  27. @supernovia That's fine with me. There's always a trade-off to be made and I'm all for shrinking the download size.

  28. Thanks for understanding. We're sending back more data now with some of these changes, so hopefully more folks will be able to see what they need the first time. :)

  29. I am wondering if that is all what we get with the "All Time Views"? There is still so much more data to gather on the old summaries page. We had percentage change indicator, dailies, weekly... well, you know where to find the old summaries, I am not in the mood to count up how much more the old page is showing.

    Also if it was the intention to make the chart more readable by using different blue colors in the "All Time Views", I don't think that worked out well. A screenshot of this page would be a perfect fit as a submission in the Reddit sub "dataisugly".

    Sorry, but I am disappointed how this turned out. Going to re-enable the script that allows me to see the old stats page with the old summaries.

    I saw that all this went into the right direction, but you really lost me with the new "All Time Views" widget. Sad how much data you took away and how badly you present the chart. :(

  30. We worked hard on the requests we had. I'll file that one for some future iteration. Thanks :)

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