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    1. Put the Yesterday feature back. Unless I check my stats at the exact end of the day, I’ll miss some of that day’s data. For me, that’s the most distressing change.

    2. Please explain to me why the old stats page says I have more followers than the new page. Obviously, I like the higher number and don’t want to drop back, but an explanation would be nice.



    I’m seeing new comments come in but am still trying to sort through all of the older ones first and make sure I’ve got all of the requests. Hang tight! After I’ve noted these (and hopefully had a few hugs) I’ll take a look.



    Okay, just as an example: the option to change the stats view between several WP installations was provided in the old version by a drop down list above right, so one could easily go through the statistics by just one click. Now one has to change the page, select the according installation to get the same result. Doing this several times per day, there is a considerable loss of time caused by this pretty unnecessary clicking and scrolling around and the loading time (the new version is a bit sluggish, isn’t it?).

    But I don’t complain about the new version. You may have had good reasons to introduce it. However for me the old version was clearly more productive with my daily work – as obviously for a lot of other users too.
    So, the question is, why doesn’t WP offer the old version as an option as it did during the recent months. Since the statics page just is a frontend to the statistics databases, I don’t believe that this would cause much administrative workload.

    Anyway, I appreciate very much the quality of WP – you are doing a great job indeed. And in five years of intense use the compulsory change of the stats page and the pretty poor communication about it was the first time of discontent.

    Happy New Year.



    @ingridcc your list is next! :)

    1. Followers info in open module instead of requiring a click.

    Assuming this is a separate request from 2, can you clarify?

    2. Subscriber TOTAL is lacking […] My subscribed-by-email followers are not included in any ‘total’.

    Thanks, I’ve noted that.

    3. Week, month, year summaries for country stats, referrer stats, clicks stats (etc?)

    If I understand you correctly, these are available. Click on days/weeks/months and you’ll see the countries, plus really easy navigation to see totals for other weeks/months/days, etc. If I’ve misunderstood, please clarify. Thanks!

    4. Link to LIFETIME stats for each post viewed, both broken down into boxes of numbers in months and years, but also as an easy-to-read bar graph for all the years of that post, rather than just the last 10 days.

    Noted, thanks! If you click on any of your top posts, from a days/weeks/etc. view, you can see a table of stats.

    5. No giant left sidebar squeezing the other stats modules into less space.


    6. Bring back the unobtrusive yet very useful footer with convenient links to the FORUMS, support, etc.

    Ah! @gprutter mentioned that too. I’d never noticed, honestly. Right now you get a question mark button that links to a bunch of stuff, including support docs and forum posts, as well as a contact button that links free users to the forums and plan owners to chat. Is that helpful at all, or do you need all of the old links (like to Matt’s site, about Automattic, etc.?)

    7. All the other things that are missing that I am probably not noticing yet, but will miss soon!

    Clearly from my last comment, sometimes we don’t notice those things. While maintaining several versions does drain resources and impede progress, we really appreciate feedback that we can use going forward. Thank you!



    @supernovia, I’m curious if you’re going to address my response to your follow-up question to my comment about the lack of any stats showing on my android phone.



    @yoursumbuddy I will. Just trying to parse through all of this information. Thanks for your patience!



    @diaryofdennis, @whatwentwrongorrightwith, @bubbasuess, @pellymade, @apetcher, @grahminhats, @lrhodes4 your requests for wider-screen support are also noted.

    For those asked: yes, we do have an API:

    You can also use CSS with an extension like Stylish to control the page layout.


    The new format is ugly. Formerly I would take a page shot of the stats and put it on my Facebook page. Anybody could read it. The new one is ugly, hard to read and requires multiple pages to present the same information. You are losing free ads of the best kind. I will never post the new one on anything. Your choice.



    @dermoz , @lrhodes4, @pegodaaj, @diaryofdennis

    I’ve added your requests for an “all time views” page.



    @mikeosbornphoto, @jhdenton

    I’ve noted your requests for the returning the sparkline to the top bar.

    I do want to point out that you can see the sparkline for any site by clicking on My Sites. It’ll be on the left.



    @themabelkwong sorry I missed your comment somehow:

    I’m noting:

    – that you don’t like the mobile-first look and would like a wider view for desktop usage

    – you want all-time views for each post



    @thmabelkwong, @bubbasuess, @pegodaaj, @tpenguinltg, @grahaminhats I’m also noting your complaints of sluggishness. Thanks. You’re right in that some of that is that this uses more JavaScript that the older version, which utilizes more of your computer compared to the older versions.

    The trade off is supposed to be that you don’t have to always be loading pages; you just click and it’s there. Sorry if it isn’t working as well as expected there. Do note I’m noting it though. Thanks!



    @diaryofdennis re: insights page being first, I filed a request to let users pick their own stats landing page, whether they like insights or some other view better.

    Many other users have found the post insights page to be more encouraging, which is why that displays first right now. Hope that helps.



    @ellenhawley – the reason you seem to have fewer followers is that the total shown in the tab at upper right does NOT include your email-only followers. To see those, you must 1) click on that erroneous “total” to be taken to another stats page on “followers”, then on that page 2) click a second time on “email followers”, then 3) get out your calculator and ADD the email-followers total to the first (erroneous) “total” that you saw (hope you jotted that down when you back on that page!). A lot of digging is now involved to come up with your actual total followers.

    Most wp users probably have no idea that they actually have more followers than the little tab in the upper right of the page-view page indicates. (It shows less than 1/3 of my followers!)



    @sekondtime I will interpret your comment to mean you’d like to pick your own landing page, too.



    @bubbasuess I’ve noted your request for category summaries, as well as your request for all-time views (which I’d missed earlier when combing through comments.)



    @grahaminhats @carwreckdebangs @bubbasuess @diaryofdennis
    I noted that you want a link to summaries.



    @edwardbrain1 @erickuns @whatwentwrongorrightwith @ellenhawley

    I noted your requests for a link to Yesterday. I do want to point out, if you’ll click on Days, you can click on yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that and so on. I hope that helps.



    @johneharrison I noted your request for the sparkline as well.



    I’m noting a general consensus that the biggest issue is retiring old code without extra warning. Thanks everyone for your feedback there.

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