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Stats Feedback

  1. paperlessworld

    Understanding that trying to maintain so many versions of code not only takes significant time and resources that could be put to other use, if you just want to be sure to file it right, why not just get rid of the stats page completely? Not being here to argue, isn’t this feedback all just meaningless – if you are trying to provide the best experience for as many people as possible, if new features can break things in old code, if the stats page does limit new feature development?

    So I call the question: As stats are supposed to be connected to performance, and as my ego is connected to stats, if you write for an audience in the first place – We'll always work on optimization – were your stats ever believable in the first place? Why did you, at WordPress, in the beginning, offer a stat page?

    Matt, as someone there at the beginning, in the “you get what your pay for” in the Age of Information world, concerning a lot of tables and graphs, are your sorry that your very very good old stat page, now changed, was offered in the first place? If these numbers on the stats page had been believable in the first place?

    If WP data has lost value – “If I can get exactly what you're after I'll FILE the request.” – this sure sounds like real work at the Service Desk over these complaints by the minority who were using the old world data, with the tension between the celebrated diversity of the world – with secular policies advocating minority rights – and new-timers who insist that the central organizing principle of technology is coding and new features-to-come. But isn’t blogging going in the many-versions-of-code-world the way of the daily press where WORDS are getting replaced by numbers, in order to stay updated with technology, and nobody is reading but, like me, just complaining?

  2. @supernovia - Happy New Year!

    (adding onto to my request list:)

    8. Syndicated views (views from readers/ feeds). These were never included in view totals, but in the old stats page you could see the number of syndicated views per post or page if you clicked for the stats breakdown of a particular post. They would be shown as a darker portion on the top of the regular line or bar for each day's stats. If you hovered on that dark portion, the number of syndicated views would appear.

    This is interesting information that now seems to be missing. Before it was made available in the stats we had no idea how many views were from feeds. Since they don't count in the total views, some people felt they really didn't know what their true readership was.

    9. Visible links to Forums and Support should be returned. (reiterating this, after checking the sidebar). I checked more carefully behind that question mark icon in the left sidebar, where you said there were links to "forum posts." There are none, in fact.

    In any case, I would like to have back a link to the front page of the Forums, not just to certain posts. Considering how much space that sidebar takes up in the new stats, it should at least include Forums along with Support as top-level links, not have either of them hidden behind a tiny question mark.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate your time, tact, and effort with this task of fielding gripes!

  3. I'm just going to echo everyone else here for those "few of us using the old feed."

    WordPress has summarily abandoned desktop users. You have prioritized tablet and phone users. You have stats on who uses the stats page, how about your most dedicated/long term users?

    Every time WordPress has made changes they've done it and then gave negligible reasons on the forums with minimal responses. claiming things are easier and in better places and yet people are still speaking out against it. Seems odd right?

    I echo everyone else. There is no easy overview. There is no wasted space in the old version. Even on a small laptop the new stats wastes over half the page.

    Looks like I will finally be finding another platform after 7+ years of blogging on WordPress. Thanks for giving me a 2017 resolution.

  4. It was made abundantly clear last year that WordPress had absolutely no concern for the desires of their content providers, when they chose to hide a well-designed stats page and replace it with a poorly-organized and less useful page that was, in every way that matters, inferior to the older page.

    We, the content providers that drive hits to WordPress, are not stupid. It was clear that WordPress never had any intent to restore the old stats pages as the default, or give us the option to make it a permanent choice, but many of us were able to deal with it as a bookmark.

    I have not been actively writing new content for a year or so, but have been considering a new project recently.

    Since WordPress has chosen to permanently kill off the old, useful stats page, making their utter contempt for content providers unmistakably obvious, I will find another place to start my next project.

    I suppose I should offer a backhanded complement. WordPress's despicable customer service has encouraged me to begin seeking a company that actually cares about content providers. For that, I thank you.

  5. The new stats page is appalling: counter-intuitive and incomplete. Please make the old one available again. All the flaws of the new page have been explained already on this forum so I won't repeat, but just want to add voice to the protestation. This is not being averse to change, this is being averse to needless, ill-advised change.

  6. > If there is a feature you were using in the retired stats and cannot find it in the current version, please share that here.

    I do not see an option to view my all time top posts. I can now only see the all time high based on a single year.

  7. 10.
    Adding a vote to others' for the elegant and convenient "yesterday" toggle within each of the modules/boxes (for posts, referrers, clicks, etc) that we used to have in the "old" stats page.

    I realize you CAN still go to the whole display of yesterday's stats by clicking on yesterday's bar in the 'days' graph up top (this functionality was also available in the old stats page btw).

    But if I just want to quickly compare a sudden spike in today's referrers, or in visits from a particular country, etc. to see if that spike had actually started the day before, that little toggle was a very handy and quick way to check without having to totally leave today's stats page.

    Not a biggie, maybe, but definitely an example of how this version is skimpier and requires more work to extract information.

  8. I also prefer the older stats page, however what I really miss is the 48 hour, hourly mini graph that displayed in the black nav-bar at the top of the page.

    It also gave the highest hourly value when you hovered over the min-graph. I found it useful when there was a sudden spike in activity and I could lookup the hourly value.

    Please re-consider putting this feature back, or making it available somewhere else.

  9. Hello everyone,

    First, sorry for my english, I'm French.
    I'm not sure to be concern by this problem of "ugly page" but I have a problem with statistics. Maybe someone could help me with an answer or with an other topic (yes, i shearched before post but I didn't find the answer I need).
    So, I recently post an article but I think there is a problem with statistic : it has 3 likes and only 2 views ! How it is possible ? I know I don't have a lot of traffic but 2 views...
    Here my blog : Tendre Bocal
    Thank you !

  10. Message for @Matt via @supernovia

    It is noticeable that there are an increasing number of blogs that are infrequently used and an increasing number being abandoned. Pushing Reader “Recommendations” at us, without an opt-out will only annoy customers more.

    The idea that the new UI is successful (according your State of the Word address) is false one, brought about by the destruction of links and making all but one point away from the old UI. Many bloggers do not even know that it still exists. You have been fooling yourselves.

    As an aside: You would make the UI/Editor/Reader less cramped if you employed slide-away or drop-down menus.

    The new UI/Editor remains deficient of original function. There is lot of work to do before it will reach the original functional standard. You shouldn’t need us to tell you what’s missing. That is a ludicrous failure of perception and a disrespectful misuse of our time.

    Unless one has super-fast broadband and a super-fast computer, which most people do not, especially in the farther regions of the world, then the new UI/Editor/Reader is horribly slow. Using more code to achieve less is a failure and no amount of contrived hyperbole or herding of customers can alter the reality. And, why on Earth is the “Reader” loading Olark.

    If you are using OAuth 2.0, as it seems you are, you should bear in mind what the lead project author entirely disavowed that version.

    I suggest that you give the project at least a semblance of genuine improvement, then beta test it and only then launch it. Do not destroy what works in favour of what does not. We are paying customers (and paying for No-Ads does count). We are not here for you to experiment on.

    Here ⇒ are just some of the comments that you don’t see.

    Further: There has been exclusion of adverse <u>customer</u> comment on the WP Blog and the Forum’s “Reader” thread. That is against WP’s apparent stance on censorship, a contravention of First Amendment Rights and fuels the argument for making WP a Regulated Public Utility under Congressional control. Perhaps it would be a good idea to see that it doesn’t happen again.

    Have a nice day. :-)

  11. shelbycourtland

    I have stopped blogging because I refuse to put up with this mess! First, you get rid of the old stats page and then when we find a backdoor entrance to it, you get rid of that too. Why? You have most definitely turned WordPress into WORSTPRESS and made it so that only those with mobile phones want to use this platform. I am not using a mobile phone to blog and I am not going to be forced to do it.

    In addition to this horrible change, I cannot even scroll down my reader as the page won't load because you've made that mobile phone friendly and left us PC users in the dust as I keep getting a message stating, "we are loading more blogs for your reading pleasure." Like hell you are!!!!

    To hell with WORSTPRESS!

  12. fionamcquarrie

    @supernovia For WP to make the old, more usable stats page virtually inaccessible and then claim it needs to be discontinued because there aren't enough people using it - that is a shamefully manipulative strategy. It also completely flies in the face of WP's claims to be "listening" to its customers and responding to their feedback.

    For what it's worth, I have personally shown several of my blogging friends how to find the "classic" stats page via the WP Admin link. NONE of them have used the new stats page once they have seen the classic page. They all agree that it provides far more useful information in a much more user-friendly format.

    I encourage the WP powers-that-be, like @matt, to go back and read the negative comments about the new stats page when it was originally introduced. Many of the problems that were identified then have not been resolved, and despite that, WP is now trying to push the new stats page as the only format. As a paying customer of WP I am increasingly fed up with WP's non-responsiveness to its customers' concerns, and WP's failure to realize that not everyone wants to manage their blog using a mobile device with a small screen.

  13. meltslikebuttergirl

    Last thing I will ever do is manage my blog from a phone. Far too small, slow, and unergonomic. Agree with everyone's frustration. The new stats bite, WordPress.

  14. thevintagetoyadvertiser

    Agree with the frustrations. Trying to do anything these days on WP is pretty painful. Loading speeds for new stats and editing are too slow, so I always go through the more efficient admin. I use a laptop to compose and frequently add updated images to old posts. It's not practical for me to do this on a phone. I used to have no hesitation in recommending WP to would-be bloggers. Lately not so. I think you need to try and find a better balance between pleasing older bloggers and your new target audience.

  15. Interestingly, sometime in the last couple of hours the new stats stopped working on my laptop. Just a ghostly W mid-screen, just like my phone.

  16. Stats feedback?

    Dump the improvements and roll back to better days.

    I agree with many in the above comments.. some made me laugh, but I feel the same - it's frustrating enough to make people who normally don't curse - CURSE!

    Don't pay attention to percentages of who is using what... we can't find/access those preferred pages or don't have time to do that... and some, like me, might be using very sluggish internet and very little time - no fun when things get changed and we strugge to adjust....

    like moving furniture in a blind-person's home....

    The Stats page is crap! I rarely go there anymore, as there's no more 'at a glance' for important items.. who cares how many days or hours it's been since my last post.. i know that already - use that space to show things we care about, like how people found us or where those people are on the planet.....

    Bah humbug!

  17. @zeebradesigns - For some reason the default "landing page" for stats is a very useless (to me, anyway) page called "Insights", I think that must be the one you are so disgusted with. Most of the info you want to see is on the "Days" page.

    Check out the tabs at the top of the 1st stats page you arrive at and click on "DAYS" to see your country stats and referrer stats. I have bookmarked that "days" page so I can avoid the "Insights" page. (I too know how long it's been since I last posted! That is not something I need to go to my stats to find out!)

    Having to click to go to different pages in order to find info that used to all be on one page is one of the downsides of this new stats format.

  18. I would agree with all who say the new stats are not user friendly and WAY to slow. In my case I used the old stats because it allowed me to see daily stats for more than 30 days ago. If there is a way to find the number of visitors or views for a given day prior to the 1st day shown in the graph I can't find it. I mean it's Jan 5th and I can't get to the stats for December 1st.

  19. @supernovia - Aaah! I am finally realizing why I DONT see any kind of link to forums or chat behind that <<?>> icon at the bottom of the new stats' left sidebar. I reread what you said:

    Right now you get a question mark button that links to a bunch of stuff, including support docs and forum posts, as well as a contact button that links free users to the forums and plan owners to chat.

    I myself see no link to the forums, or to chat, even though I have a paid plan. I upgraded to "no ads" back when that was available as its own separate upgrade. So I guess I am in a lower-echelon of paid users? What I see behind the question mark is a link to email access to wp staff.

    I do appreciate having that option, however I still want easy access to the forums, meaning a link that is easy to see -- not hidden behind an ambiguous icon and an extra click, or requiring yet another personally saved bookmark in my crowded toolbar. I check my stats every day, and those easy links in the footer used to be my regular jumping-off point to WP Support and to the Forums.

  20. I just noticed this under the reply box:

    "We love positive and productive discussions, so please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community. Thanks!"

    This wording clearly must be changed.

    "We love positive and productive discussions, as long as you agree with us, so please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community. Thanks!"


  21. Deafening Silence from WP on this latest upgrade disaster!

  22. shelbycourtland

    "We love positive and productive discussions, as long as you agree with us, so please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community. Thanks!"


    @farmerbob1, so true! Thank you for fixing it because whenever WordPress has posted an article about new features that have come down the pike, if I post a comment that is counter to the article, my comment never got posted even though my objection was respectful. It simply "awaited moderation, indefinitely." So, yes indeed, you must AGREE with WordPress or shut up because as 'apetcher' so succinctly put it, you get a "Deafening Silence from WP!" And this latest debacle really is, an "upgrade disaster!" And so far, not one word from WordPress. True to form, they are and that's for sure, along with upgrade disaster after upgrade disaster!

  23. As long as this is being treated as a request for changes thread I would like to request 2.

    1. Visitors number on the Stats page for any given Day, Week, Month or Year.

    2. The ability to see stats older than 30 Days in the Graph using an arrow on the side which moves back to earlier Days, Weeks, Months or Years depending on what Tab was selected.

    3. If no arrow at least the ability to do this by editing the date in the URL.

    Thanks, I don't know why Visitors have always been given such little attention in the Stats.

  24. Hi everyone! I'm going to do another sweep to try to find feature requests here, but I wanted to let you all know (if you hadn't noticed yet) that the "sparkline" (mini graph) is back on the My Site menu.

  25. As for why we're taking a while to get back: I'll just re-iterate we are watching this thread for feature requests, and working on those requests as well. As support staff, we are not here to argue with anyone, but we will continue to do our best to help make sure your needs are met within Calypso stats. Thanks again to all of those who have listed clear, specific feature requests.

  26. thisbugslifedotcom

    Not sure if you have already logged it as a feature request, but quite a few of us would love to have the 48 hour stats traffic graphic that was on the top left of the admin bar back. I used it all the time to monitor stats and if they spiked or dropped I could investigate. It was also a one-click way to get into the stats. My traffic varies from 100 to over 1000 per hour so I can adjust my content quickly when I notice a drop.

  27. @webmastersla I've noted your request to be able to access daily graphs for older stats. We haven't offered anything like that before, but I can see how it would be handy.

    You should be able to see the number of views and visitors on a given day though, or within a given week/month/year. Just mouse over any column on the graph and you'll see a little chart appear with views / visitors / etc. If you don't, please go ahead and open a separate thread with a "modlook" tag so we can help you troubleshoot that.

  28. @thisbugslifedotcom I think that's been gone from the admin bar for quite some time, but if you click on My Sites you'll see it there. That's the sparkline I'm referring to. Our developers were able to add that to the new code for you.

  29. thisbugslifedotcom

    Mine disappeared about five days ago. I used it at least ten times a day so I definitely noticed when it disappeared!

  30. thisbugslifedotcom

    The new one does not have the number of views per hour, just the graph.

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