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Stats Feedback

  1. @listolar sorry I missed your comment earlier! I noted your request for a drop-down site switcher. If it helps, the new stats have a friendlier URL structure, so you can change your site in the URL itself if you'd like / set up bookmarks in the meantime.

    And yeah, there is maintenance with older versions, as well as compatibility issues when trying to add in new features. Thanks for the specific feedback, though. We're working on parsing it and hopefully taking care you all. :) Happy New Year to you, too.

  2. I wanted to note as well: we've widened the view for larger monitors so it's a bit wider than the older stats page.

  3. @supernovia,I do appreciate the widening of the new stats page. I think that it does improve its appearance considerably. This is not intended to sound ungrateful, but I still think the older version was much more elegant and attractive. That said, I thank WP for the change. Also, is there a way to bring the highest total per 48 hours on the sparkline? That was very helpful to gauging traffic without even having to check the stats.

  4. @pellymade re: your browser crashing, this sounds more like a bug. I recommend clearing your offline data including app data. If that does not clear it up, please start a new thread and "modlook" it so we can help you troubleshoot further.

  5. @ingridcc thanks, I think I understand now what you mean re: including all followers in one module.

    Re: showing stats for the last day / week / month / etc. I would encourage you to try clicking around a bit in the new stats and see what you think. When you are in Days / Weeks / Months or whatever, the current week (or day or month) shows up first. It isn't the last 7 days, but it is the current week-to-date information (which is how the old stats displayed as well). If you click on the prior week, you will see all data for that week, etc.

    Re: showing a graph for lifetime stats, I've filed a request for that and discussed it with the developers.

    The stats page used to be my main portal to get to the forums and support pages. I still haven't figured out an equally easy way to get here, lately I've just been clicking to get here from within an email...

    For what it's worth, the (?) help button (which is available on any admin page -- not just stats) lets you search all support content (including forum posts) or contact support. That opens a live chat if or contact form if you have upgrades and posts to the forums if you don't.

    RE: the wherefores and whys of Calypso, mobile development is one aspect, but it's also about APIs and other technical stuff. This isn't the thread for that, but there are lots of articles on our developer blog if you're interested in the full story.

  6. @bubbasuess yes the sparkline is back under My Sites.

  7. @ingridcc also noting the request to show how many views are syndicated

  8. @ismailimail you can see all time views for top posts. Click on the post title for the top posts in any given time frame (today, this year, etc.)

  9. @ingridcc noting the request for "yesterday" ... thanks for the detailed feedback.

  10. @atmtx the 48 hour bar (the sparkline) is back. Click on My Sites and you'll find it there in the menu.

  11. @supernovia

    The new stats page is not wider than the old stats page because the old stats pages had/has a retracting menu and, when retracted, expanded the viewing area.

    Retracting or drop-down menus are a feature regrettably missing from all the new UI. The editor would especially benefit and particularly for those who use a wide theme (i.e. no side widget) for presentation.

    The reader would benefit from a fixed full width with a drop down menu. An approach which could also be used on the other UI pages. Like this.

    Currently WP is wasting a lot of space which is results in a restricted or cramped view.

  12. The 48h graph in the menu doesn't make sense. Not only is it one more click and not instantly visible anymore, it doesn't even have a number... so, with that said, you could also just remove it completely, because it has no function anymore. But...

    It should go back to the admin top bar, and it should have a number again. Then the feature would make sense again. I can't understand the change, it was one of the best features on WP, together with the old stats page. But the hourly graph was sometimes enough to look at, to find out if traffic spiked are still running, or if something changed.

    Talking about the stats page, it definitely needs the summarize feature that we had in the old stats screen, it was highly detailed and it makes no sense that you didn't include it in the new version.

    Further, as grahaminhats noted, it still baffles me why you are wasting so much space with the new stats page. If you don't want people to call your new stats feature a "mobile-first or mobile-only" feature, deliver something that works on a traditional PC with a wide-screen resolution.

  13. @gprutter thanks again for great feedback. I hope it's okay if I take the numbers off for now and roll with general topics instead. For the ones where you said thanks, thanks for that. Glad I can help a bit. For the others:

    Re: summary tables (points 1 and 2), got it now, thanks. I've recorded that for you. For what it's worth: the oldish my-stats page showed you the past week to date, not the past 7 days. The new stats let you click on any week to see countries, etc. for that time period.

    Re: choosing number of days you want data on, I'll note that request.

    Re: Wider boxes, done. They're wider than the old ones now if you're using a wide screen :)

    Re: load times, we'll keep working to balance optimization vs getting all of the data folks want to be able to see quickly. Thanks

    Re: forum links, thanks. I feel like that one might be part of a larger discussion, since I honestly don't think someone should have to click on stats to find forums or or any of the many resources we have. For now, the question mark *should* let you search all of support at once. If not, please do open a new thread on that so we can investigate. I'll also file notes (for you and ingridcc) about making the forum links / learning links more obvious on that help page, if that's okay.

    Re: "'what's my *second* most popular hour? What's the percentage difference between first and second?' (because that's how my mind works...)" Mine too. I'll ask about that for you.

    re: Fewer clicks: we've requested to let folks to "land" on the page they last picked (months / days / years) instead of always landing on Insights. If you don't mind trying that for a while after it happens and letting us know if that helps, we'd appreciate it.

  14. @thisbugslifedotcom , ah, thanks. I've noted that as a request for you too.

  15. @bubbasuess you too - sorry I misunderstood. Noting the request for the highest hour (or more info about hourly views in general.) Thanks for your patience while we work through this!

  16. @diaryofdennis noted your request for top hours as well, thanks. And with that, I'll stop for a while again to let new comments come in (and also work on other threads.) Cheers all.. we'll check in again soon.

  17. @ supernovia
    - I can't see the sparkline...
    - I too can't find my way to the forums, like others noted, all I can do is send an email...
    - thanks for the widening, there's still room for further widening though so more days back could be included.

  18. @supernovia Thanks for the response but I can't mouse over a graph that never appears so I can not get the number of visitors for a given day that is over 30 days ago and Daily visitor stats are the main thing I am interested in. If I change the date in the URL to match an older day I get the stats for that day in the lower part of the page. Unfortunately, those stats in the lower page do not include visitor counts. Can Visitor counts be added to the lower part of the stat page for what ever Day, Week, Month chosen? Thanks again.

  19. WP has still not addressed that the new format is simply ugly. I used to post a screen shot of my past year on various forums that I also posted links to my articles on. I would never post a link to the new format. It is simply ugly.

  20. @supernovia Also, it would be good if the stats on the lower part of a page showed Totals for a given category, not just the individual numbers for each page's view's, etc.

  21. @supernovia Thanks for the updates! I think you didn't notice my previous post about the <<?>> question mark icon? Sorry to harp on this so much, but I really want to get across what my request is here, and I don't think I've managed to do that yet.

    Aside from the fact that the icon itself is very hard to notice (bottom of list, out-of-line with other menu items):

    From the admin sidebar on the stats page, it takes me 3 clicks (starting with the question mark) to get to the front page of the forums. This has taken me several attempts to finally figure out, and is more clicking than I would like to do on a regular basis.

    You said:

    For what it's worth, the (?) help button (which is available on any admin page -- not just stats) lets you search all support content (including forum posts) or contact support. That opens a live chat if or contact form if you have upgrades and posts to the forums if you don't

    (Just an fyi - I have a paid plan - the old no-ads upgrade - but rather than a link to live chat, I'm offered a link to an email form to happiness engineer staff, which is certainly nice to have.)

    After I click on the question mark, I'm shown a list of support links headed by a link to the main page of support. No link to forums. In my case the bottom of this list has a link to email staff.

    There is also an unlabeled search box at the top of the page.
    I now see that if I enter something in this search box, and if that search comes up with any related forum posts, I will then see a list of them (titled "Community Answers") with a link at the bottom of that to a forum search page.

    After clicking on any of those, the page I end up on finally has the blue WP header that includes a FORUMS link in the upper right (see above), which I can then click on to finally end up on the front page of the forums. So yes, I now understand that from the ?-icon, I have a 3-click pathway that will take me to the main forum page.

    My request is
    1. for a direct link labelled Forums or Community Forums so I don't have to click 3 times and know ahead of time that this is the magic pathway to the forums.

    2. for that link (as well as the link to support) to be top-level links in the admin sidebar rather than hidden behind the question mark.
    Or, even better, to be available in a footer at the bottom of the page as they were the old stats page. At the very least not to require 3 clicks and no visible label "Forums" anywhere.

    3. If the question mark must remain as the initial "hub" for support, to PLEASE line it up over on the left with the other items in that sidebar!

    It is way at the bottom of the sidebar, barely fitting into my viewable screen, and then even worse - it's indented way into the right corner of the sidebar, where one doesn't tend to look. Every single other menu item in that sidebar is justified to the left edge. I really struggled to find the question mark, and once I found it it was still a very convoluted path for me (as a paid-plan wordpress customer) to get to the forums.

    (Thanks for reading this far!)

  22. oops, correcting my previous tome:
    My pathway to the main forums page is actually three clicks, plus entering something in a search box - a significant amount of work!

  23. textsincontext

    Super novia, don't be sorry, just quit making useless changes that do not work for normal folks. This has been a nightmare for a month now; can't switch sight pages. Get popup site window in stats that you x out of. If I sign into my page by itself on a different tab, I cannot switch sites. It take me back to the infuriating new stats page.

  24. @supernovia my suggestion for an improvement on the current system is to continue allowing access to the older stats page.

    Let's make a game/contest of it. Why not bring the old page back with some fanfare, and let people make a choice of which they want to utilize as their default?

    This would include letting people who have never used the older stats page see the older stats page before being given the option to revert to the newer page.

    Then, allow people the choice of which stats page to use as the default for a full year, with a very clear and easy to find way two flip back and forth between pages.

    That's how you decide what people want. Hiding the old way, making it impossible to set as default, and never telling new customers about the far superior functionality of the prior stats page while they think the new garbage is their only option isn't a good way to judge what people want.

    That is, of course, if WordPress actually cares what their content providers want. At this point, based on the team's behavior since the initial release of the failstats page, up to and including Matt, is pretty much obvious that they don't.

    There will likely be no serious response to this, I know, but if WordPress wants to continue pretending they are listening to us, I'll continue pretending to believe them for a little while longer.

    Heck, maybe WordPress will surprise me and actually consider engaging in responsible and sane customer support again!

  25. Well said, farmerbob1! Earlier in this thread I made the same suggestion (about letting us select the old version as a setting), and I suggested the same thing a couple of years ago regarding the "classic" version of the editor. I've been blogging here since 2008 and I have more than 4 million page views, but my suggestions have been ignored. Maybe they'll respond to you. We shall see..

  26. Hello, I have 63 views from 2 people and that has been a thing for the past several days and the rest of the stats on the page also don't make any sense (apparently I've gotten 4 views today according to the "Stats for January 9 2017, Posts & Pages" section which contradicts the other section that says that I got 63). It wasn't about a week ago when I first made my blog. I have no idea what's going on, please help!

  27. shelbycourtland

    @jmiddleman, WP does not have a clue as to what is going on because two days ago, I sent a request for help because my reader is empty of the blogs I follow and no one has responded and I know that blogs have been posted by those I follow because the emails are showing up, but no blog posts are showing up. I keep getting a message telling me to wait for the blogs to show up. This is ridiculous! Now, we shall see if either of us receives any help! But I won't hold my breath!

  28. Serious WP bloggers have the pleasure of living in fear of WP management. Thanks for your patience?! What patience? We've been using WP forever and watchec as bit by bit it's been dumbed down. There's that and just the simply fear of one day finding it so utterly kiddified that we 'have to' move. And that won't be small potatoes. Whatever motivates you WP monkeys to do this crap, You most certainly aren't dealing with appreciative, patient bloggers here. We are abused, period.

    There's two ways to get attention in this life, which is something everyone needs. You can attract people to you, by being friendly, helpful and beautiful. Or you can force attention from people by doing things that they can't help but notice. When you're willing to go that route, often it's the case that the things you do will be annoying or hurtful, and that can range from simply being loud (in some fashion) and obnoxious to criminal, including seriously criminal. We don't know why, exactly, this gradual kiddification is happening, but it's sure as heck annoying. It's actually frightening. But I do not that it comes at a time when the establishment (the enemy in the class war which rages against the people, who are losing) is taking steps to quash democracy and light itself. They have the power and so they use it to simply label real news 'fake', thereby sending journos, and bloggers, who are doing the job of speaking truth to power surrying. There's the awful war on whistleblowers and journalists and, with big players like Facebook and (huge tax evader) Google jumping on the bandwagon, things are getting darker. I doubt if the establishment has ignored WP. I don't if WP is not part of the establishment. For now, It looks you folks are simply deciding what you can get away with, but along with the war on light, I and others have noticed, the tiresome pretense of democracy is slipping away. It's just like we saw some time ago when Anderson Cooper was asking an immigration-related question to a presidential candidate and he didn't respond to it. When Cooper pushed back on it, the candidate snapped and said 'You ask the questions and I'll answer them the way I want to'. The audience booed him.

    You are almost telling us bluntly to take what we get whether we like it or not and even if it hurts us. Almost. Even if you're not quite there, WP, hear my loud BOO!!!

  29. carwreckdebangs

    I agree with FarmerBob, let those who never saw how informative and easy to read the old stats page was have a chance, and get their input as to which is better.
    One thing I hate about new stats in particular is the inability to click on the link to your story and have it bring you to the story. Instead it defaults to the stats of that story. Very inconvenient if quick edits are needed on the fly!

  30. @carwreckdebangs - That ability is still there, actually -- if you click on the "box + arrow" icon next to the title of your post, you'll be taken to that post. (reverse of how it was in the old stats...)

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