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    @edwardbrain1 much of your feedback sounds like what is available under days / weeks / months / years . I will list that as a request to control the stats landing page.



    @sensuouscurmudgeon I understand. I hope my comment re: maintaining multiple copies of code helps.

    But my hope, with this thread, is that we can take the most popular requests and use it to improve the new code for you. Thanks again for the feedback.



    @supernovia, I do not think it can be boiled down to simply lack of warning but the overall lack of communication and heavy-handedness with which these changes have taken place.

    That said, I do appreciate your presence and engagement at this point. On that note, a couple of thoughts:

    1. regarding the sparkline, it was much more useful in its previous location. What was the rationale for the change? If it is going to stay where it is, the old feature of giving the count for the highest hourly total ought to be brought back.

    2. I will renew my call for the more space-efficient layout of the older stats page. The narrow, mobile friendly (presumably) does not look good on wide screen and large screens. In truth, it is quite jarring, especially main graph. You note previously that users had requested narrow bars and more days. I think this is only half true. Users were displeased with the graph showing fewer days and wanted it restored to its previous count. They did not want the narrow bars. That was a latter accommodation to show more days but still retain the mobile friendly format. If the old stats page had been retained, I doubt anyone would have wanted the skinny bars.



    @ellenhawley I suspect @ingridcc is correct about the totals. I’ll make a note for you on the related request as well.


    supernovia, thanks for your expression of concern, but my attitude is affected by the stubborn and sometimes vindictive behavior of staff during the Beep Beep Boop affair. That was a very bad experience.



    Thanks for noting our requests.
    Our biggest issue here is WHY wp retired the old stats in the first place and WHY wp will not bring it back. I would like an answer to those questions please.
    It’s far too easy to do that instead of asking for feedback and taking notes. But as it won’t happen (…) I want to know WHY.

    Furthermore, I miss the little graph that appeared on the top left hand side of our blog page, showing the activity of our blogs.
    Also, I need to be able to visit my followers’ blog page AND their reader page AND their gravatar info AND their follow button.



    I wanted to personally thank everyone for the feedback. There are obviously some things we’ve missed in the stats interface that we need to take a look at.

    Appreciate everyone taking time during the holidays to share their thoughts here.



    My desktop computer, laptop and tablet also struggle to load ALL wp pages, since the reader and stats changed. Quite often my browsers crash, or won’t respond to clicks or refresh button.
    Additionally the notification bell doesn’t notify me of new likes, follows or comments if I don’t refresh the page. Back in the old stats days and even if the computer was idle, notifications always appeared when a new like, follow or comment came in.



    @supernovia – thanks!
    re your questions about my requests:

    1. Followers info in open module instead of requiring a click.

    Assuming this is a separate request from 2, can you clarify?

    By an “open module” I mean a visible box or section. With visible information right there on that stat page itself (as opposed to a tab I have to click on to go to another page, and then yet another to get the info that used to be instantly visible).

    Like the box/module/sections for page views, referrers etc. Both of the previous stats pages showed a section for followers (itemizing wp followers and email-only followers, and a total of both, as well as other info like comment followers). The new stats page for “days” just has a followers TAB at the upper right with an (erroneous or at best misleading) “total” number listed beside it that does not include email-only followers.

    I am very interested in seeing if my subscriber totals have changed, anytime I go to my stats. This info used to be instantly visible, I didn’t have to dig onto multiple secondary pages (or drag out a calculator) to find it.

    Why remove that box, or module, or section (what is the correct term I should use?)

    3. Week, month, year summaries for country stats, referrer stats, clicks stats (etc?)

    If I understand you correctly, these are available. Click on days/weeks/months and you’ll see the countries, plus really easy navigation to see totals for other weeks/months/days, etc. If I’ve misunderstood, please clarify. Thanks!

    Thanks, I hadn’t checked those tabs out much. Those tabs were available on the retired stats page too. I prefer the previously available “up-to-the present” summaries that are now missing.

    This used to be a link within each module/section/box in which the just-previous week, month and year were calculated from NOW backwards. “Week” meant “the last 7 days” and included today. Month meant the previous 30 days including today. It also included “quarter” as a summary, and all-time summary (life of blog). This was available from each “module” so last 7 days of referrers, or clicks, or country visits, etc.

    To see what I mean, please go to the still-available (but probably doomed) wp-admin stats page which still has these summaries available. However not for country stats, since that old, old original stats page totally lacks any country stats.

    That’s why I now have to have a link to both stats pages, and flip back and forth to find out most but not all of what I used to find on ONE stats page (gripe gripe!)

    I find it very useful to compare the previous 7 days of clicks (referrers, country visits, etc) with longer totals, like the totals for the last 30 days, last quarter, and last year, to see what the trends are.

    That to me is more useful than looking back to find the summary of some particular (finished) week, month or year, which is all this new stats format seems to allow, and which was also available on the now-retired stats page as well. The default graph/ chart was days, but you could click up top for weeks or months (can’t remember about years, but I think so) and see a bar chart with attendant numerical summaries.

    One is not a replacement for the other, especially since both were previously available.

    4. Link to LIFETIME stats for each post viewed, both broken down into boxes of numbers in months and years, but also as an easy-to-read bar graph for all the years of that post, rather than just the last 10 days.

    Noted, thanks! If you click on any of your top posts, from a days/weeks/etc. view, you can see a table of stats.

    If you click on any of your top posts, from a days/weeks/etc. view, you can see a table of stats.

    Yes. You see a bunch of separate boxes for months or weeks with numbers in them that you can mull over and work with if you want to bring out a calculator and do some fancy analyzing.

    You used to also see a nice all-time line graph that showed the whole lifetime of daily views of a post or page as an easily grasped visual timeline. This graph can still be ferretted out if you go through wp-admin (that most new users have no link to anymore) to “all pages” or “all posts” and enable “stats” in the view options. It used to be available directly from the stats page, which is where it SHOULD be located.

    6. Bring back the unobtrusive yet very useful footer with convenient links to the FORUMS, support, etc.

    Ah! @gprutter mentioned that too. I’d never noticed, honestly. Right now you get a question mark button that links to a bunch of stuff, including support docs and forum posts, as well as a contact button that links free users to the forums and plan owners to chat. Is that helpful at all, or do you need all of the old links (like to Matt’s site, about Automattic, etc.?)

    I want to get to these user forums. There is no link for the forums hiding behind the question mark (boy, did I have to hunt to find that question mark! it gives the impression of being a question mark about the sidebar menu, like if a user didn’t understand the menu items or something).

    The stats page used to be my main portal to get to the forums and support pages. I still haven’t figured out an equally easy way to get here, lately I’ve just been clicking to get here from within an email…

    (The format and organization of the support pages seem to have changed a lot too! That’s a different subject, I realize…)

    7. All the other things that are missing that I am probably not noticing yet, but will miss soon!

    Clearly from my last comment, sometimes we don’t notice those things.

    That’s what scares me, that designers get all enthusiastic about whatever the new “thing” is, and go and throw out all the old stuff without even looking to see what they are losing! Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater! And having to figure out afterwards what was lost by relying on whoever happens to take the trouble to come forward and enumerate it for them… Most people are not going to even have the time available to do this. I happen to have it, but would sure rather be doing something else!

    Anyway, thanks and please let me know if I still haven’t spelled everything out clearly enough.


    @supernovia, will the “classic” really old, Stats Page via WP-Admin still be always available, along with the WP-Admin other pages?


    Please don’t inspire them to remove this one too ;)


    I want an answer. In the past, WP has promised to keep the old WP-Admin pages, including the Stats Page.

    I’m not here to inspire. haha.



    @dandelionsalad and diaryofdennis
    The WP-admin page is being phased out, right? I’m pretty sure that’s been stated out front by staff, it’s not just an assumption from the link to it being removed from all new users’ sites.

    Us old-timers who know about and depend on that page still have a link to it grandfathered in to our my-sites drop-down, but the new Calypso-format admin page will eventually replace it, so I don’t see how the stats page that’s linked to it will survive!

    Note what Supernovia mentioned previously in this thread:

    Trying to maintain so many versions of code not only takes significant time and resources that could be put to other use, it also limits new feature development, because new features can can break things in old code. Sometimes I wish software could be more like so many physical items we use, like classic cars, where it’s just a matter of keeping some old parts available.



    Thanks Matt :)

    For all of you here, right now my primary focus is making sure we’re getting feature requests properly recorded.

    When I said I’m not here to argue, I mean I won’t be engaging in arguments or discussions over the wherefores and whys, because we could go around and around on that without results. I can tell you this isn’t about anyone here being vindictive, though. We do our very best to help as many users as well as we can, and the combination of our testing / data / resources / and a number of other factors has us here right now.

    And this thread is absolutely not a smokescreen: sometimes in all of our work we still miss little things that would make a big difference. I’m hoping we can find those things, compile some more data on them, and hopefully address some of them in future iterations. And yes, I am sure there will be more changes down the road. Hopefully we’ll be able to address some of the concerns you’ve brought up here while also balancing everything else that goes into the service. We really are grateful for the feedback, especially for those of you who kindly took time to make specific requests.

    For those wanting to follow advancements in Calypso, the project is open source. You can follow discussions at . You can also follow discussions on WordPress itself at

    I am going to take a bit of a break from this thread again and allow it to collect more requests while I recharge and work on other threads. But so long as you are willing to share specific feature requests we’ll do our best to note them for you. Thanks!




    Thank you for listening and taking note of our concerns.



    And just really quickly: @ingridcc @dandelionsalad etc, we will not be using this thread to speculate on changes to wp-admin . I would encourage you to keep a finger on the pulse via the contributing communities I linked above. Also watch Matt’s comments on and what not; I think you’ll find them helpful.



    @matt Mullenweg, thank you for listening!
    @supernovia, ditto. Thanks for fielding and tabulating all our requests.
    I’ll try not to speculate on this thread, but seems like there should be a place where those of us who were used to the previous status quo could be able to process and discuss the changes and the reasons for them… Speaking for myself, I’m not tech-savvy enough to follow discussions at github or make.wordpress. I did check out Matt’s address on, though, thanks for that idea…



    @supernovia Thanks for your comments. I’ve included my original numbering, but I hope that I’ve included enough so that you don’t have to wade back through to find my original post!

    1. Link to tables – really, from any graph where there isn’t already a table! Particularly the days, months, and years graphs. Basically, please re-instate the Summaries link and how that currently works in the old-old stats page.

    2. In the old-old stats, all the boxes – Referrers, Top Posts & Pages, Search Engine Terms, Clicks – have a Summaries link to click on. If you do click, you then get taken straight to a list of the Top Posts, etc for the last 7 days, which you can then change to 30 days, quarter, year, all time.
    In the now-gone old stats page, you got something similar for the Countries map as well.
    This is very helpful, so please bring it back!

    3. Thanks.

    4. Wider bars on day graph – Could you make this customisable as well (by choosing number of days you want data on)?

    5. Wider boxes – I find the whole thing feels a bit cramped (as others have said). I was thinking particularly of the Map box, where size is more noticeable.

    6. Faster loading. As you’ve discussed with others, this is about it being sluggish, rather than buggy.

    7. Forum links – carrying on your discussion from @ingridcc, the current Question Mark thing is very confusing! There also isn’t a direct link to the forum that I can see and I couldn’t see how to get back to where I was (I now know that you click on ‘My Sites’, but that wasn’t intuitive to me at least).
    I like to be able to browse, so having the links to Support, Forums, and Learn WordPress, was very helpful.

    8. Thanks.

    9. Yes, thanks!

    10. Insights – Most popular day and hour box.
    My first questions when I saw this were ‘what’s my *second* most popular hour? What’s the percentage difference between first and second?’ (because that’s how my mind works…). So, what I’d really like is a couple of lists. For example:
    10am 9% of views
    11am 8% of views
    9am 7% of views
    Tuesday 20% of views
    Saturday 18% of views
    Or a pie chart showing this!

    11. Thanks.

    12. Fewer clicks. This was mostly related to 2. above, and also that I didn’t realise that I can access the tables directly from the Day page for Top Posts – I thought I had to click through to the (almost totally pointless) page accessible from the grey arrow at the side of the box title, where the only addition is ‘Download CSV data’. Can’t you just do this from the original box and get rid of the intermediate page? (Well, replace is with the stuff from item 2!)

    13. Thank you for the explanation. As you’ve said elsewhere on this thread, doing this before, rather than after would have caused less irritation.

    14. One new thing to note – I like that the referrers information on both new and old-old pages now includes internal links – thank you, that’s helpful!



    Looks like Supernovia has done a lot of noting and has a lot of work to do.
    I think I can help – just reinstall the classic stats and you will have dealt with every issue at a stroke – job done and lots of hugs!


    I love Matts comment – “There are obviously some things we’ve missed” – nearly fell off my chair laughing. You introduced the new stats page two years ago or so and we all told you what was wrong with it. In all that time you have run a pointless survey asking for feedback and then you reintroduce the new stats with no feedback taken into consideration whatsoever.

    Just accept it – the new stats page is terrible!



    Thanks, @ingridcc. Couldn’t they find a way to make that even more complicated?

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