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  1. I have notice that the feed for the search engine seems to include only the last month of my blogs. All other theme older than that disapear. How can I be refere for my past blog?

  2. 1. Which search engine are you refering to?
    2. And search engines do not pick up information quickly as they go through a long, really long list of websites.
    3. So, please wait.

  3. I've got to admit that I don't understand the question fully. Maybe I link to where you are seeing this would help please.

  4. Hey Dr Mike.

    I'm not perfect bilingual. So it's not easy to express myself in english. My problem is that when I use msn-sympatico as an engine search, he found only the first page of my blogue which represent approximatly one month. To see my other blog you have to clic on "older blogue" and the search engine are unable to see them.

    Thank's a lot to help me.


  5. OK, I think I understand the issue. The question is why isn't showing up in the search engines. Both MSN and Google only has a pair of pages listed for the site.

    This actually looks like an MSN problem to some extent. If you compare the results between engines, the other search engines see more of the pages.

    It does concern me though as you've been a member for over 4 months though. All of the major search engines should have gotten you by now with more of your pages.

    I do notice one thing about your blog though. There are very few incoming links. Google doesn't have any. MSN only has 6. Even Technorati isn't seeing your blog. I would try to see if you could get a few more inbound links to your site to raise the importance of it.

    I've gone ahead and given you a Shout Out as well. Maybe that'll get them over there. Posting here will give you a few inbound links as well. (I know that's where most of mine come from)

    Hope this helps,

  6. Dr. Mike:

    Would you be so kind as to give me a Shout Out as well. I'm not sure what I can do in return but I'll think very highly of you!

    Wesley Hein

  7. haha, that's such a funny reason for getting someone to do something for you, wesley. drmike, how can you possibly refuse the guy? =P

  8. Thank you Dr Mike for your informations. I look to the SEO Tools for our web site The result was
    Google 176, Yahoo 0, MSN 86, Altavista 148, alltheweb 147.

    Why for my blogue and the web site Yahoo don't find us when other search engine does?


  9. Yahoo has a habit of blocking these kinds of requests every once in a while. You'll note that if you go straight to Yahoo and do this, your site comes right up.

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