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    Several days ago I cross-linked a number of posts on my site as they all related to one subject. The day that I did this I was having a flood of visitors to one of those posts and I thought it would be interesting to my visitors to see the other posts. Today I am getting virtually no apparent hits on that original post. However, when I check what is happening at mapstats and at “” I see quite a few visitors to that post. As far as I can tell, there is no problem with my WP stat totals but I am confused by the fact that the WP stats are not recording hits against this post. If it helps, I am referring to my post 1532 from 30th June, 2007


    Oops – 1432 – post # 1432 – Sorry about my fat fingers!



    Can’t help you. You need to send in a feedback from your dashboard. No one has backend access here.


    Thanks, DrMike. I wasn’t sure if I needed to disturb the back room who are probably busy with important stuff. :) Feedback sent.

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