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stats frozen

  1. I'm also having the exact same issues as RainCoaster: & Liz:

  2. ..and it shows yesterday as today, doesn`t it?

  3. Hello,
    I have no stats (referrer, click, search terms) of yesterday, 06.03.2008.

  4. It seems to me that yesterday's stats are added to today's in my dashboard (judging by the usual numbers). This is except for the Top Posts and Pages, which looks sane to me.

  5. the same like in my blogs.. but the wp staff will sure fix it soon i think.. ;) and hope :)

  6. hookedonhouses

    Raincoaster said:
    I'm having the exact same issues as liz:

    Also: I have zero results for yesterday on the Referrers, etc, and all yesterday's figures are loaded on Today's. Except Top Posts: that seems to work just fine.

    Add me to the list of people who have no Referrers for today, 3/7, because yesterday's are showing in that spot. Like someone else said, it went screwy when we switched from yesterday to today.

  7. stats frozen :S

  8. like hookedonhouses wrotes.. the same.. still.. ;)

  9. We are checking this - I'll post back with any news.

  10. Ditto to all the above.

  11. Similar problem, concerning "Referrers" and "Search Engine Terms": TODAY's listings are today's AND yesterday's count ADDED! Yesterday's lists both went back to "none". I hope this is not a permanent error!

  12. its sure not permanent.. the wordpress guys are checking this right now and will sure make it work again.. like allways, they care `bout us, thats my experience in this community..or blogs..boards.. ;)

  13. Just thought I would add that mine have been frozen for at least 10 hours. And they are upside down. :S It is like they are registering yesterdays but not todays - I hope that wordpress hasn't been attacked again! >(

  14. My stats aren't frozen but my referrers are all yesterday's and I think my search engine terms are too. And yes, it's been at least 10 hours for me too.

  15. Ditto, all stats frozen and combined with yesterdays,happened at exactly the changeover time, also:
    Immediately before the day changeover, I logged in and noticed that 5 posts appeared as having been "updated" under " your stuff" - although I hadnt touched them and my account is secure.
    Any updates as to how long this will be expected to last ?

  16. Firstly, sorry for the stats problem. It appears that a job scheduled to run at midnight UTC did not run properly and as a result all of yesterdays stats (referrers, search terms, clicks) will be combined with todays and rolled over at midnight UTC. Unfortunately, we cannot go back and separate out yesterdays stats from todays. That being said, views should not be affected and should be reporting as normal.

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