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Stats go up and down

  1. I have noticed (for several days) that my blog hits go up and down. Sometimes they appear frozen, even though comments are coming in and people are obviously stopping by. A few minutes ago the stats said 158. Then the stats went up to 198. Then down to 151. Then up to 158, then down to 148. It's kinda driving me crazy! I thought it might be this computer, but I checked my other computer and the same thing is happening. any reason for this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Report it to staff via your dashboard. There's something up with the stats lately.

  3. It's been happening to me for three days, both the freezing and the variable totals.

    A moment ago I refreshed my stats by hitting my browser refresh button. It said 71.
    Just as a test, I refreshed from the drop down menu in my admin bar. That total was 21.When I clicked "site stats" on the left-hand side of the page, it said 158.

    Just for grins, I refreshed my browser again. It said 21.

    There could be any number of explanations, but I'd suspect further tweaking with the new stats chart or problems integrating all the live spaces bloggers coming in. Just a guess.

  4. Report it to staff.

  5. Thanks, Rain ~ Missed your first post while I was typing.

    Wasn't sure it was something that should be reported. Will do.

  6. The statinator giveth, the statinator taketh away.


  7. Don't get me started...

  8. Thank you! I will report it to staff if it happens again today. Glad to hear it happened to someone else...

  9. Same issue here. Would be nice to see a public answer, rather than all of us bothering the admins with the same issue. Centria, you get any help?

  10. Same stat issue for me.

  11. Stats are still going up and down!

  12. I emailed them last night...did not get any response. I would love to see a public answer, too.

  13. Maybe staff could check the forums now and then. Maybe? You think?

  14. Still an issue here.

  15. @everyone in thread

    If you haven't already, please contact us in support on this issue. We'd be happy to investigate.

    Detailed observations of what you are seeing as well as the steps you take to do so are greatly appreciated.

  16. Sent

  17. Thank you, Happiness Engineer. Appreciate that you're looking into this.

  18. Sent.

  19. Anyone seeing improvements?

  20. I THOUGHT I was seeing improvement for several days. But tonight the stats are jumping up and down again.

  21. Nothing. The only change since May is that things are headed off a cliff. I got ONE Google referral in that time: from Greece.

  22. For months my sitemeter and wordpress stats tracked along, parallel. There was a difference, but it was constant - anywhere from 50-150 page views.

    Now, the difference between the two is significant - in the thousands. WordPress stats are swinging wildly again and freezing for hours at a time. I'm sending a detailed report - I thought the issue was resolved but apparently it's not.

  23. I email, was told they're still looking into the issue. Today, stats are certainly borked.

  24. @twelvebottles
    Thanks for the update. Volunteers answering support questions do not have backend access to blogs - only Staff do. That's why everyone posting here was told to contact Staff directly by filing a support ticket.

  25. It's happening to me today. My stats go up and down from 148 - 206.

  26. Very, very, very behavior from stats today. I went backwards by more than 100 over the past hour.

  27. It's been happening to me, late each day. The early count doesn't seem to drop. But it's starting now. The pageview count just went from 754 down to 745. As the day goes on, the fluctuations become greater, sometimes dropping around 100 views or so, then it starts to climb up again, first to where it had been, then higher. Then down again.

    I don't see any pattern, but the fluctuation always starts at around 700 or 800 pageviews, and then it's wildly unpredictable for the rest of the day.

  28. It just fluctuated again. The count was up to 775, but the next time I refreshed it when down to 756. I'm not going to post further details, but if anyone's working on this, it might be interesting to know at what point the problem starts.

  29. I'm seeing it too -- just dropped 130 views.

    Also, is anyone noticing a stall from 11pm to midnight Pacific time? Last night, I had no visitors during this period, but then I suddenly had 10 right after midnight. I've casually noticed that a few times recently.

  30. I have a 403 message in the stat menu??? Nothing will populate, and this has been for 3 days now, please help!,

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