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Stats going down as well as up

  1. A few hours ago, with my hit rate for today showing 80, I refreshed the page and saw it plummet to 55. Refreshed it again a couple of minutes ago and watched it drop to 85 from up in the 90s. As far as I can tell, I'm pretty sure the lost hits are staying lost (though it's hard to be sure).

    Any idea what's happening, folks? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Weirder - my stats have gone up, as I typed that post, to 117, so I've got at least some of them back (maybe). Still baffled though.

  3. Ours seem to be going up and down every few minutes .....

  4. Same here....

  5. Muahaha. I'm stealing hits.


    It appears this is a wordpress problem, I bet.
    Which browser are you all using?

    Lora @

  6. Funny. Ha. Ha.

  7. Hmm... Mine seem to be back to normal. A steady rise and no dips (though I suppose there may have been, I've only checked twice). Whatever's going on I seem to have got back the hits I lost earlier and things are looking good.

    Can any staffers comment on this?

  8. It was probably just an overly aggressive cache, don't worry we cherish every hit.

  9. Hi Matt,

    Just dropped another 30 though - from 156 to 126. I'n unsure how an overly aggressive cashe would reduce hits...

  10. Oh damn - cache, no cashe!

  11. Mr. Matt,

    Your response doesn't sound as though you care very much, or that anyone is really looking into it. My stats just bumped down about 800 hits. Not funny....

  12. Hi Matt

    In case a bit more information helps: Our stats are going up and down all the time. It also seems to be affecting clicks and referrers. Getting this effect on different computers on different connections.

  13. I am glad i came across this as i came here to ask if there is a problem with stats..and it seems there is..i have had views today and the referrals and page views have been shown etc. then all the referrals and page views vanished and views today have gone to 0..but they are showing at i'm guessing it's not me that's the problem??? which is unusual to say the least!!

  14. I think the Chief BBQ Taste Tester cares about our stats, but for as long as I've been here, I've observed this issue at least three times. It usually goes away, not a big deal.

  15. I'm having the same problem as well, stats seem to be jumping up and then down consistently through out the day.

  16. Hm. I haven't or let's say haven't noticed it. Maybe it doesn't effect on blogs with a low visitor amount?

    PS: Matt posting in a thread where I've posted?! *feints*

  17. Well i'm giving up on it as it's getting silly now..stats appearing and then vanishing without a trace..i hope it's fixed by tomorrow..i'm just grateful for sitemeter

  18. @aw1923

    It happens quite a lot, but not on this scale and not for so long.

    disembedded has a point, Matt. Is anyone looking at this? Does anyone care? We cherish every hit too, and we'd really like to know what's going on or, at least, that someone is working on it.

  19. The next day.

    As far as I can tell, the problem has gone away. Whether any of us regained the lost hits, though, is questionable, and probably impossible to quantify. I have a feeling I'm still down on the day.

  20. Thanks, carocat, for the helpful info. I didn't notice any stats problem but am looking forward to seeing what changes are in store ... I hope.

  21. Hello- My stats went down from 5000 and something to 3200. Will the hits come back?????
    Sincerely Yours : Disappointed.

  22. I have the same problem?!!! For the first time in more than 18 mounths, after open blog.

    Please fix it.

    My "total views" have been reduced to 27000! I want to recover my numbers...


  23. My stats (total hits) was 5800 something, and now... 2300 something.
    What's going on?

  24. @carocat - would have been nice if Matt had mentioned that earlier, no?

    A few brassed off people on that thread, too...

  25. I don't understand why anyone would be pissed off about this and feel too many are overeacting. It's just stats and no data is lost, so it doesn't really matter?

    And perhaps Matt didn't mention it because he was unaware? Or didn't want to announce it yet?

  26. The WordPress team is pretty solid, so just be patient and they will get things running ok again soon. After all, this is one of the best hosts.

    Don't feel disappointed, things will get better. Feel disappointed when things just won't get better. LOL~

    This team is solid, take it easy.


  27. myitchyfingers

    Ya, just saw that mine dropped too. But if I clicked the stat summary, it shows the different breakdown for the past few years, which will total up as the final total view number. Hope to get back my total view numbers soon! :)

  28. I have lost 40,000 and dropped down to 34,764! Busiest day ever went from 1965 to 934.

    Help!!!! I coudl barely get onto my site today.

  29. I am down about 600-800 hits total. But the monthly breakdown remains the same, so I can tabulate totals that way. But I would really like for the number to be accurate.

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