Stats gone through the roof – glitch?

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    My blog used to be ticking along, getting between 50-100 views a day. Yesterday, it suddenly went wild, with me apparently getting 733 yesterday and 1277 today so far! But the stats for site referrers and search engines are low single figure only and I don’t see any incoming links on the dashboard.

    I was wondering if this was a glitch or a spambot somewhere continually clicking refresh… has anyone got any ideas?

    My site’s URL is: if that helps. Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    I would contact staff directly to see what they have to say. The volunteers here in the forum don’t have access to the backend, so we really cannot say. I’ll tag this thread so that staff will hopefully see it, but I would contact them anyway.



    I always say, it’s not a problem when stats go up. It’s a problem when they go DOWN.

    It’s much more natural that some search engine not connected to Wp stats has discovered your site than to assume those hits are fake.


    Thanks for the help guys – I filled in the support form as you suggested thesacredpath.

    I guess it’s just the sudden crazy rise that has me flummoxed, raincoaster. If the WordPress bods are unable to shed any light, I guess I’ll just accept your explanation instead :)



    and I’ll have what you’re having!



    Look at where the hits are coming from. I had a crazy day like that when someone linked my site in a magazine article. The stats gradually reduced to my normal 100 a day over the next two weeks though.



    The referrer or search keyword information didn’t show any high number of traffic coming from external sources, so we are looking into this to figure out why it’s happening. Thanks for the report!



    I am seeing similar weirdness now. I suddenly got 10k hits yesterday, most supposedly from a site I happen to have google analytics code – which told me that roughly 400-500 people visited the referring page… So I got 10k hits form a page with 500 hits… Clearly either the google analytics or the stats are wrong. Given the lack of increase in spam and comments, I’d assume it was doing something strange…


    I’m having a similar issue. Not quite with as many hits as these folks, but I’m getting more hits than normal and my referals are showing a lot of sites that are clearly spammer blogs that don’t appear to link to me anywhere.



    The spam referrals is a known issue; report them to staff and they’ll delete them. But they generally don’t make enough hits to show a real inflationary effect, since you usually get exactly one click from each.

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