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Stats Gone to Zero

  1. About ten minutes ago, my daily stats plunged to zero, and the names on the daily referred column disappeared. On the page that shows recent posts at WordPress, it never changes. Is this a general problem, or only with my site?

    Thank you for your help.


  2. Everything is back to normal. Thanks to you...or to the "spirits that be." :)

  3. Mine went to zero as well... hmmm must be a problem with WP


  4. fixed now... phew! is quick to fix!

  5. My stats are at zero since 5 p.m. PDT and I *know* that isn't right.

    What's going on?

    Referrers are also at zero.


  6. They start new every day at the same time, depending on the time zone. But I'm not sure if that's what you're talking about though.

  7. Looks like this may be rolling through the system.
    Mine have just done the same. No Stats, views or anything for today.
    Could it be that Scoble has taken all the stats ;)

  8. Must be temporary - Fixed now whith no apparent loss of data.

  9. Mine are still not fixed since last night. No stats, no referrers, nothing.


    Women's Space

  10. There is a problem with stats.

    Worry not.

    It will be fixed.

    We know it's a problem.

  11. My stats just went to zero at 7:50am CDT. This happened last night as well.

  12. Hmm mine is also reset to 0 for today. It was still there in the afternoon (+8.00 hours).
    Does this happen to all blogs or only certain blogs?

  13. At 7:20 am or thereabouts, mine again went to zero. The new posts page is reflecting what it did last evening.

    I know the Cavalry is on its way. :)

  14. theotherthomasotter

    Podz will not fail...he hasnt yet.. !-)

    Glad to know that I havent suddenly lost all my friends.
    the echo is deafening..

  15. Yes! the cavalry has thundered in. Everything is now perfect on my page...well, almost everything...the content could always be better, probably.

  16. Well it seems to be up and down like a ......

  17. I'm having the same problem since last night

  18. My Stats are at Zero too :'(

    And now they are Back :)

  19. Got one with stats and one without.

    It's those darn gremlins again. :)

  20. I've been at zero all day (June 13), and after such nice increases for the past week, too!

    As I used to say in grad school, all I need is a Good Stats program, and my results would look much better!

    Aneil Mishra

  21. Tell me about it.
    I just had my dev interview posted on big video game sites like Kotaku, xbox 360fanboy, and Xboxic and I can't see nobody.:-(

    Please fix it..Thanks!

  22. It WILL be fixed.

  23. Mine are zero, there goes my ego, and I thought I the next drudge / scobelizer / coulter all rolled into one. :-)

  24. educatedeviate

    joining in the chorus, ha.

    it's been more than 12 hours too :(

  25. Mine are at zero for the day as well. Major problem for a political blog on Election Day! :(

  26. I already sent feedback about this. My stats are Zero today, will it be fixed?

  27. buenacosa, please read the thread.

  28. You can trust the guys and gals at WordPress... they will fix it.


  29. Mine just kicked it on my broken site. Even hit the Blog of the day listing. This may be a good sign. :)

  30. Hey mike,I see you like Kim
    that's cool.

    right now i'm #1 on fastest growing blogs for english and I was going to have fun checking my stats...Guess not.. :-(

    But I know the wordpress workers are working on it.

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