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Stats Gone to Zero

  1. My Statis have been going back to zero all day then reappearing. Right now they are at zero again. When is this going to be fixed?

  2. Mine have gone to zero for the previous 24 hours and the current time period (which began, I believe, 30 minutes ago). Not to worry, I also have sitemeter, even if that is on the whole less accurate than the stats here...

    Patience, I guess.

  3. Works now :-)

  4. Appears to be working fine now, although my numbers are down from yesterday. :-(

    Thanks very much for the quick fix!


  5. Good to hear.

    Mine's not fixed yet, Hopefully really soon

  6. my stats for yesterday and today have fluctuated on/off. I know you guys are working on it, just wanted to mention it.

    also, I had a problem when I was posting this afternoon. My blog just turned all weird, looked like basic html without any formatting on it. It reverted back after a few minutes.

  7. 2 days of zero stats :(

  8. Mine just went to zero -- 7pm GMT-08; I've noticed my daily blog hits are jumping all over the place too -- going up 30 and then down 30, then up 30 again.

  9. I wouldn't worry too much about it, but then I'm not the sort who likes to look at my stats more than once a week.

    Barry and I are working on it (pointing fingers mostly) so there's no need to keep reporting the issue.

    Thanks for all the reports thus far!

  10. I have investigated the issue. All of the stats are still being saved as they should. One of the database clones is misbehaving, which is why the problem only appears some of the time. It will be fully operational again soon!

  11. Problem resolved!

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