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Stats Gone Wild!

  1. Stats suddenly went haywire.

    They are showing me the graph from November and early December.

    Anyone else having this strange behavior?

  2. Not me, I can see my January's stats. Why not drop a note to the staff?

  3. @quotes
    No one else has reported having that same issue as yet. It's good to see that you have a back-up counter in place

  4. I've just checked your stats page and it looks normal to me. Can you reload it and upload a screenshot if it's still a problem?

  5. I went away for a few hours and it went back to normal.


    They all look fine now.

    Sorry for the false alarm.

    statcounter does keep good track of the visitors but the way it is put in place on, it will not report referrals or search strings.

  6. Hi Andy,

    My stat page has suddenly become a bit strange. At the top of the page, where the graph should be, it now only displays a Quicktime image with a question mark (?) in the middle of the image. Don't know what's up. I do have the very latest version of Quicktime installed. Puzzled...can you help?

  7. Hi Andy,

    Don't worry about it. I had updated Quicktime and that's what was messing things up. Managed to fix things with QT from this end, and now my stats page is working just fine. Thanks.

  8. hi
    i too am having that same problem (again :-) and wonder if someone can tell me if it is simply not possible to have itunes (quicktime) and wordpress blog stats at the same time?

  9. Andy posted about this a few days ago.

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