Stats graph in my dashboard timeout everytime (from 2 days ago)

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    more or less 2 days ago the stats graph started to timeout everytime

    this is the message:

    Loading <../wp-includes/charts/charts_library/Inno.swf> timed out (-2)

    you can see a screenshot here:

    i’ve asked other bloggers, nobody is experiencing this issue



    Could you put “all” of this information in a support request? Not just an email referencing this post, but a new request with all the information and a link to that screenshot to the staff?

    1) “Feedback” through the admin
    2) “Support” tab in these forums
    3) Email to support at wordpress dot com

    They might have an idea on this one for you as it is a backend issue.



    done.. thanks



    I had this issue and it turned out to be a firewall issue of some kind. I just had to give up blogging at my volunteer job altogether. It might also be that you need to update your Flash (I’ve heard of that solving this once).



    Or even install flash to begin with although I think that’s the ‘-1’ error, not the ‘-2’ one. I know I can’t see the stats when I’m up at UNCC and on one of the dumb terminals as flash isn’t installed. IIRC, that’s the error that I get but again, it’s the -1 error.


    it was something with cache/cookie

    i simply delete the cache and cookies and it worked like a charm



    Cool. :)

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