Stats Hacked?

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    I am trying to access the blog stats from my dashboard and I have also tried the top grey bar on my blog.

    When I click the link it goes to a blog called: plgqukkfqn!/my-stats/

    I need access to my stats ASAP, surly this issue adds weight to the issue which is always raised about allowing third party analytics such as Google Analytics?


    I have the same problem as from this morning…


    I am now getting a message which states “ is no longer available.”

    Looks like they are working on it. Hopefully they will update us.


    The same thing has happened to my blog stats!



    Yup, me too, and now I’m told my whole blog has been suspended – but also that “ is no longer available”.


    I got the same problem. First I saw that same strange blog when trying to access my stats, then a message saying that blog has been suspended when I have never breached any terms and conditions. What is going on? Has wordpress been hacked?



    Thanks for the reports. We experienced a temporary technical problem that resulted in some folks seeing the wrong site, and other folks seeing a suspended-site message, even though their site was not actually suspended.

    We’re sorry for any confusion and for the inconvenience.

    If you still have any trouble after clearing your browser cache, please let us know!

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