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Stats (heads-up)

  1. My blog stats look like a hike up the Himalayas. Suddenly the feed stats increased too.

  2. Andy has asked to send submit feedback if we see a major problem! What would constitute a 'major' problem? My hits have gone up 50% and feed stats have taken a huge hike too.

  3. If it's real then there is no problem so I suppose we're all finger crossing rather than reporting. ;)
    Did your read my first entry?
    I asked andy: Could you expand please on how one differentiates between "minor" and "major" problems when it comes to stats?
    Obviously he doesn't visit the forum often so I suppose we'll have to send in feedbacks tomorrow if we're still concerned.

  4. I gave the best answer I could, Timethief!

    Meanwhile, I'm wondering if thereare spambots using feed reader checking to see if our blogs have been updated recently; I updated, went on a 3/4 hour hike, then had seven new pages of spam when I got back. I think my updating triggered the new spam, but it's just a theory at the moment.

    My blog stats at the moment are in the pooper, although I've only updated twice today, which is low for me. My feed stats are about normal, down from an all-time high yesterday of five times normal.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, we DO have a major stat problem. Mine have not budged an inch, not by one unit, in an hour. Feedback sent.

  6. Blog about Miss Nevada or Britney Spears. They'll be up. lol

  7. I did. They have stayed flat for over an hour and a half at this point. And she was even dancing!!!!

  8. You guys are so hooked on stats... I can't wait until April! Something very big is happening to your stats in April.

    Anyway, the data migration went pretty well. Somebody somewhere (not us, not here) made a change that caused all of your stats to be lost for a few hours. Unfortunately the data never reached us, so we can't recover it for you. I'll make some fuzzy adjustments tomorrow which should pad your graphs for the lost hours but it just won't be the same, will it? :-)

    Feed stats were being counted wrong due to the same otherwhere otherbodies, so you should be happy to learn that the numbers are more accurate now. Again, sorry about the past. Let's put it behind us, shall we?

    Just hold tight until April.

  9. Okay, this is a good time to clarify the major/minor thing. If it's major, I will fix it. If it's minor, I might fix it.

    (Please laugh now.)

    It's late and I'm off.

  10. Something very big is happening to your stats in April.


  11. Perhaps in April our stats will be more accurately posted: unique visitors, instead of page views. Maybe--just a guess.

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear that the feed stats were being miscounted and that recent changes are accurate designations and permanent. Mine have zoomed more than 10 fold. Like it!


  12. Andy, not sure if this is minor or major... :)

    My stats are now waaaaay off for a particular post. I understand the 'move to feed stats' thingy, but still. No way you could be missing links coming from emails? This particular post has been forwarded a lot...

    Then again, people may have jut lost interest in it... ;)

    No need for direct reply, just wanted to point it out...

  13. My stats have frozen again. Sending in a feedback.

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