stats – how is a pos’ts traffic calculated?

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    “Top Posts & Pages – These posts on your blog got the most traffic.”
    i get that if something is clicked on it gets put in the formula of views
    all my posts don’t need to be clicked on [i’ve yet to discover how to split long text! to click on]
    is there a seconds/timer counter on each post?!
    if i hover on a post for more than 10 seconds it is presumed to being read?
    Any one?
    key m a s t e r?!

    the stats are bloody marvellous!
    “refferers” i don’t get either
    one url takes me directly to my mail box in yahoo?!
    that’s creepy!




    The one that takes you to your yahoo email? That’s because you didn’t sign out of yahoo mail last time; the link itself just means someone sent someone with a yahoo mail address a link of yours. Nobody else can get into your email that way.



    rc yr so darn clever!
    i find it hard to believe anyone would send anyone else my blog url!
    so yahoo obviously pics up urls in our messages
    looked at stats page nothing on first page re views calculation protocol!
    no time to look at 15 pages



    is it a secret how top views are arrived/calculated at?
    when they do NOT require being clicked on to b look at

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