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    Lately when viewing the stats page, the graph the bars are not showing. This is a problem I have only using when Chrome, with safari it’s ok. However when the mouse hovers over one bar, then I can see only this one.

    Any ideas? It’s only a glitch, but if it’s easily fixed why not?

    Thank you


    i was here to ask the same question: didn’t realise it was just a Chrome issue. Stats box shows up as either all black or a mirror image of the tabs above and only when you hover over the individual day does it show the views. Maybe it’s a javascript problem?



    yes, i get the mirror tab sometimes as well. it’s been happening for 2-3 weeks now. Maybe after some chrome update. Can’t remember exactly..
    It could be a javascript issue.. but I still have no clue if there is something we can do.
    Safari is working right though for you too, right?

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