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    I have a problem with the new WP Stats plugin for my self-hosted blog.
    My ‘Top Post’ each day always shows the piece that I posted nine days previously. So whatever I post on the 1st of the month shows up as the ‘top post’ on the 9th of the month. The post I make on the 2nd of the month shows up as the ‘top post’ on the 10th of the month. These figures are so predictable as to be meaningless.
    Is there a known bug with the WP Stats package, or is this behaviour just related to my own installation?
    Can anyone help with this?



    There’s no such bug here at You might be better off asking at forums, as they’ll be the ones noticing such an issue.



    The stats plug-in has been made available to all and the support for it is through this forum. This is new

    Please contact support at wordpress dot com {email address munged to deter spam bots} as volunteers answering questions on the forum cannot help you.



    The announcement post doesn’t make it at all clear where people are supposed to get support for this plugin. I think tt’s suggestion of emailing support is probably the best option right now, but I’ve posted a comment there asking them to clarify.



    I’m with wank on this.
    Clarification is required. As it stands now the volunteers answering questions on the forums cannot help these people. We simply direct them to staff and that’s usually after we have done a lot of typing to find out what they are really seeking help with. Example:
    Those on the receiving end must feel like they are getting the run-around.



    How in god’s name are we going to support stuff like that? We can’t. I won’t even bother answering the questions by saying “We don’t know, talk to staff”.



    IMO at the site where these people are getting the stats plug-in from there ought to be a statement that says “All support for this stats plugin is provided only by staff, who can be contacted by email at support at wordpress dot com.”



    Well, I am having the same problem. So obviously there is something wrong. Will send it to staff tomorrow.



    It seems that there is some people asking questions on the plugin homepage at:

    No support though. You are all correct is asking these questions to staff by any of the following:

    1) Send an email to support at wordpress dot com
    2) Click the “support” tab here in the forum and use the form there
    3) You the “Feedback” button in your global admin

    I am using the stats plugin for a couple of sites and haven’t seen this behavior, but stranger things have happened.




    This is probably caused by a bug in an early version of the Recent Posts widget. You must do one of the following to fix it:

    A. Update the Widgets plugin to the latest download.
    B. Update WordPress to the latest download.
    C. Remove the Recent Posts widget.

    Let me know if these don’t resolve the issue.



    If support for Automattic plugins is meant to be handled through email, shouldn’t somebody pop over to the thread on and tell the guys there? Some of them sound pretty peed off…

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