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    I think it would be awesome to have a feature where you would be able to view your stats more specifically. Like, where you can see the number of views your individual posts get, it maxs out at 10 posts and any other posts that were viewed (less that the top 10) arent able to be viewed. I like to keep tabs on which of my posts seem to be the most popular, and since there is no feature that does that I try to keep count myself, but even that is hard when you can only see the top 10 posts per day. Maybe just to have a link at the bottom of the list or something. I know it sounds a bit vain but I really like to watch my stats, so Id really like to see that be the focus of a new feature on wordpress :)


    I am on board with your idea. Rock on.



    it maxs out at 10 posts

    If you click through the Top Posts link on the Blog Stats page, you get a longer list.

    Hope this helps,



    This may be entirely off base, but wouldn’t the widget “Top Posts” serve the function of keeping track of which posts are most popular? Asking because that’s what I assumed, and if that’s incorrect, I’d like to know. Thanks.



    The Top Posts does that yes Apostate. The sidebar variety are for the day only though (to my understanding).




    I was hoping that the Top Posts widget was within the code staff had released so we could double check that but I don’t see it.

    The think the OP is looking for more of a day count method,



    “click through “Top Posts” get a longer list”

    (lol) I didn’t realize that…never clicked it, very helpful list, thanks.

    I have stat probs, don’t see posted in the Forum. OK to ask here or start a new thread?



    Start a new thread, unless it’s the same problem. And did you do a Search in the forum? Best to do that, because sometimes there are old threads that cover the material but don’t show on the front page.

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