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    Good Morning,
    The Stats support material clearly states that “Your own visits to your blog” are excluded from the statistics shown.
    We have many users and authors on our site. This statement does not define what ‘your’ means. Are all registered users for a specific public blog excluded from their statistics?
    My thanks for any clarity you can provide.

    The blog I need help with is



    Your own visits to your blog (for logged-in users of public blogs only)

    All visits by logged in official users that you have added to a public blog and assigned these user roles to are not recorded. If they are logged out and visit the public blog then their visits to the blog are recorded.



    As you have not linked a blog to your username and have not provided a link to the blog in question if you are referring to a private blog then see here:

    Do Site Stats include my own visits to my blog?
    Only for private blogs. For users with private blogs, your Site Stats page will show any visits that you have made to your own blog, as well the visits of other users who have access to your blog.



    My thanks! This was very helpful.


    I have additional questions regarding the views that count.

    1. Do I understand it well if every time the page loads, it counts as a view?
    2. When I only view the dashboard, does that also count as page views?

    Since I am the admin of a private blog I contribute a lot to the page views. But I would like to track how many times the other members view the site. I am looking for a reasonably reliable way to do this.



    Private blog stats are page view stats.

    1. if every time the page loads, it counts as a view?

    2. no



    You’re welcome.


    Great, thank you!



    You’re welcome and best wishes. :)

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