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Stats not accurate


    So I'm in the middle of a graduate student blog project, part of which is implementing a tactic for driving traffic to my blog.

    I decided to post social media-themed images on Flickr and Pinterest linked to my blog and it's working great for Flickr. No joy on Pinterest though.

    I've gone on other computers under other accounts and clicked the link through from Pinterest to my blog but the activity is not showing up in my blog stats and Pinterest is not listed as a referring site. I've verified my WP blog with Pinterest, so I'm not sure where the issue is.

    Any ideas?

    Here's my Pinterest profile:

    Any help greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see three referrers from Pinterest already today.

    Please keep in mind that, if you're logged in, your visits to your own blog won't be recorded.

  3. Macmanx, thanks for your reply.

    Unfortunately, based on the number of friends I have clicking through from their own Pinterest accounts from their own computers (where there is no chance of me being logged in) the stats are still off from what I know to be actual traffic.

    I posted because I was interested to see if stat problems are a known issue.

  4. How are you tracking the actual traffic? In other words, how are you sure that they're following through from Pinterest to your blog?

  5. Because I've been on the phone with them talking them through it, and they're describing the screens they're progressing through as they click on the links.

    I wanted to make sure they're actually reaching the blog itself.

  6. Ok, that's good. As long as you are absolutely sure they're visiting. Sorry I had to check, but it wouldn't be the first inaccurate stats claim we had where the folks claiming to visit never actually did.

    It is entirely possible that their browsers are set as Do Not Track, are blocking cookies, blocking Javascript, or running ad blockers. Either would prevent us from tracking them.

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