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Stats not loading with IE 10

  1. I just upgraded my OS to Windows 8 today. Using IE 10 I've found my stats are not loading.

    I suspect it's an IE 10 problem but thought I'd make people aware of this.

    If I use Chrome stats are loading fine.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for letting us know this. I have flagged the thread for Staff attention.

  3. Hopefully it's something simple like a setting in IE10, but I've had a look and can't see anything obvious.

  4. The modlook tag I put in the sidebar was removed. Only those who post tags, Staff and Moderators can remove tags. supports the latest browser versions found at this link

  5. I had a look at the link and IE10 is there, thank you for your help so far.

  6. Please understand that it's the weekend and we aren't aware of when Staff may appear to deal with the threads we have flagged for their attention. That's why your patience is required while waiting.

  7. Oh! I'm happy to wait. I've got a few other problems with Windows 8, software that is certified to run, not doing so. So I've been on to a few Tech Support sites today. I realise that the forums are for help and that you are not tech support.

    I have a feeling it's IE10 is the problem, probably something to do with JAVA but I wanted to let the WordPress staff know about it in case anyone else is having problems.

  8. First, please try these four things:

    1. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies:

    2. Make sure that you have third-party cookies enabled:

    3. Try with all browser extensions or add-ons temporarily disabled.

    4. Try enabling HTTPS:

    Please let us know how each step goes for you.

  9. I have tried all of the steps mentioned in turn and it has not made any difference.

    When I go to Dashboard I can see the bar graph for each day, that hasn't changed. But when I select an individual day to look at the stats all I see is a new page with the tabs at the top and where the stats should appear I get a little graphic, just like an asterisk, which is rotating and the word underneath is Loading.

    It stays like that for evermore.

  10. Are you able to access other tabs, like!/read/ and!/my-blogs/ ?

  11. All of the Tabs - New Post, Reader, Notifications, My Blogs, Freshly Pressed are working, it only appears to be Stats that seems to have a problem

  12. Excellent, at least those work. Please hang in there while I track down someone with Windows 8 and IE 10 to take a look at this.

  13. If you need access to stats now, all other browsers (even IE 9) seem to be loading the stats just fine.

  14. I don't need access to the stats at the moment and I'm willing to wait a bit to see if the problem can be resolved. With Windows 8 I am trying to run as clean a machine as possible so I'm trying to avoid installing duplicate software, like browsers, zip utilities, etc.

  15. This morning I had a major system crash with Windows 8 due to a hardware problem. For the moment I am running on Windows 7 and can't help any further with this thread until I sort out the hardware issue which may be a bios problem...

  16. Not a problem, one of my colleagues with Windows 8 was able to reproduce the problem, so we are working on this.

    If you are able to get Windows 8 back up and running, the stats work for now if you switch IE 10 to its IE 9 mode.

  17. The issue should now be resolved, thanks for reporting it!

  18. I'm glad the problem has been all I have to do is sort my hardware problem, hopefully this weekend.

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