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    Hi I have more than one blog with worpress and one of my secondary blogs ( is not displaying traffic stats correctly. Could you please check it out?

    The blog I need help with is



    What makes you think the stats are incorrect please?

    Is this an issue to do with “likes”? Likes and shares are misleading when you are talking about page view stats. Your followers and anyone with a blog who is logged into can “like” and “share” your posts in several locations such as the Reader without ever clicking into your blog and creating a page view stat. See here for what I do to compel readers to read posts on my site >



    I posted two posts this week and got three likes on them from two bloggers and two of my friends went online and read them from my blog (they’re not bloggers).

    From this I know that I had four visitors at least in the last one week and probably five views.

    Now I haven’t been using this blog for a while and I’ve just started it afresh. So I’m not expecting many visitors at all. But the stats show me one visitor and one view when I know this can’t be right.



    Okay, wait. I think I understand. The “likes” I got were probably off-site somewhere and one of my friends seems to have my blog on her google reader. So technically only one of my two friends actually visited the site.

    Aish! Sorry for complaining. This makes perfect sense! XD



    Glad to hear it’s resolved. You can learn more about stats at

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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