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stats not updated the whole day

  1. Hmmm I think they've frozen again! :-(

  2. Well, my stats are back, but way below what I'd expect for this time of day. Looks like the the missing stats will stay that way.

  3. Yes mine too ronsrealm.

  4. Hi Everyone

    We are aware of the issue and working to resolve it. There was a large backlog of stats data to crunch through and it's crunching away furiously right now. Soon you should start to notice that your stats data begins to catch up and become current again.

    Thanks for your patience, we love our stats data as much as you do!

  5. Hey thanks for the update wasrwickp - it's a relief to know that you have got a handle on the situation and now I will simply go away and stop whining - for now! lol :)

  6. Yep - thanks from me too - I'd have hated to lose a whole days stats!

  7. Thanks to staff who have been working away at the problem all day

  8. The issue from earlier is now resolved and the backlog of stats has been processed. There shouldn't be any more lagging blog stats and things should be back to normal now.

  9. Are you sure there aren't any more to process? Oh, I get it. My stats today are pitiful :(

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