Stats not working!?

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    I switched to BlueHost yesterday, everything was working as per normal until I switched the DNS from pointing at the wordpress servers…now my stats no longer work!?!?

    They haven’t worked since about 5pm yesterday, I was just about to hit a milestone number yesterday (may have hit it by now) and I couldn’t see it happen and can’t see it now :( …any advice on how to fix this??

    Thanks! :)


    PS> Asked over at but am getting no response. :(

    The blog I need help with is



    Stats cannot be transferred from blogs to installs at this time. However, you can set up stats again by installing and activating the JetPack plugin.

    After you have done that if you return here and provide both URLs then Staff can transfer your email subscribers for you. Note that followers using the Reader cannot be transferred.

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