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Stats not working

  1. talkingbaseball

    Anyone else notice that the stats aren't updating right now? Support's closed for the weekend, it seems, but they're having a problem.

  2. Seem to be working for me. When did they stop for you? Pre- or post-turnover?

  3. We had a problem with one of the stats database servers. As such, we had to pause the stats updates until the issue was resolved. It has since been resolved and stats should be updating now. Updates were paused for about 45 min.

  4. Yup am still having stats flatline

  5. You aren't running a blog on, so you need to be asking staff directly for a fix or looking in the forums. Our stats run differently from yours and we in the forum won't be able to help you.

  6. I see, thanks for the heads up. Who are the staff?

  7. Support at wordpress dot com.

  8. my stats aren't working since 2 days ago till now. advise..?

  9. Send a feedback to staff.

  10. Feedback's closed again. Or it is for me, anyway.

  11. Yes, it seems support is closed and feedback is closed too so I'm recommending email.

  12. My post stats aren't showing.

  13. @nosy
    So I assume you reported this to staff, right?

  14. I see post stats. What do you see?

  15. For my Nosy blog and my new blog here linked on the forum, I go to Dashboard, Manage, and click the stat icon and get -

    Not blog stats though. But the stats for the individual posts.

  16. 2 days in a row now my daily stats have gone awol. At the same time the total # of views remains correct. This happened yesterday but today, aft 11 am est, I could se yesterdays #s...weird. Any reason for this? Am I on some strange update schedule??

  17. Volunteers answering support questions can't help you with this. You must report it to staff tomorrow when support is open

  18. I have reported it, and got no answer.

  19. What can I say? There is nothing to do but to be patient and wait until they get back to you.

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