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    I am unable to see my blog stats. The default graph that loads when I login to the Dashboard shows 0 visits; when I click on a specific day, I don’t see the search terms, links, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



    This sounds correct – if you have no visitors then there is no information to give on search terms or links.
    Have a look at the forum posts on increasing traffic – start by ensuring that there are a few links out there to your blog, including when you post in forums giving a link to it. I assume you are posting at
    I just went there, so there should be something in your stats shortly.


    Hi, thanks for your note. I think this is an issue with the database connection to google analytics. At about 8am (PST), I had about 20 visitors, so it shouldn’t be saying zero. It actually started working about an hour back, but when I refreshed the page, it went back to zero. I think this is a db connection issue since I haven’t had zero hits in month or maybe longer :P



    If you are using Google Analytics then you are in the wrong forum and need to head over to http://wordpress.ORG/support/ which is where self-hosted wordpress blogs are hosted. We cannot use GA here and since our software works differently here we are likely to end up giving you the wrong answers.


    Hi there, my fault I should have clarified. I was under the impression that wordpress.COM was using google analytics to track blog stats because I thought I noticed URL calls to at the bottom-left of my browser whenever my main dashboard page loaded….apparently I was wrong.

    Like I mentioned, it was working fine this morning, and for a fleeting second this afternoon as well…so this is probably a minor issue. I’ll just give it a day and see if it still persists tomorrow. Thanks!


    Actually they aren’t using GA on our blogs. A while ago staff clarified that and they are using GA on, but the stats for all the user blogs are a home-grown setup. In other words, it is something wordpress wrote.



    Ah, I missed that. I understood they were using Google Analytics on our blog but the stats presented to us were a subset of that informaton. Live and learn.

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