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stats old than 30 days

  1. hi,
    is there a way to find out the stats old than 30 days? old stats for all the time, not just the past week and past 30 days.

    I also want to see top posts for the past 2 months, 3 months, ... for the whole time since the blog was created?

    Is there a way to find out?

    Sleeping Shovel

  2. Try using the method described in the FAQ Blog.

    Good luck,

  3. In the "referrers", "search engine terms" and "top posts" you can change the number of days by changing the number in the URL (eg. ...&numdays=30").

  4. nicholaspeterson

    Is there a way to know the total pageviews going historically---back more than 30 days? I can find the stats on the most popular posts, but the other visits aren't necessarily counted (or they don't add up). The flash is getting it's data from the same DB, right? Something with XML?

    Any coding tips appreciated. Thanks!

  5. IMO information on stats ought to be requested through a feedback to Andy. This is a reference link to information on stats that you may not have located yet

  6. Hey all,
    I tried to manipulate the URL as directed in the FAQ on stats, but it didn't work. The title changed to the start date I wanted, but the content stayed the same. What am I doing wrong?

  7. I don't have a clue so I'm bumping this to drmike. Perhaps these are related or not I'll leave it to drmike to respond to you.

  8. Thanks, timethief. btw, the link you provided took me to a page that stated "topic not found." Just fyi.

  9. thanks but that wasn't what i was looking for...thanks anyways!

  10. bump to drmike {waving madly}

  11. I figured it out! I just changed the number of days in the URL from 7 to 90 and the last 90 days content displayed. I guess it wasn't that hard to figure out...but at any rate, for whatever it's worth, the info on the FAQ may not work for others (unless I'm missing something).

  12. It used to say to do that. Where did it go?

  13. Um...I dunno. :)

    It currently says:
    "With a little ingenuity you can do that and more. We're slowly rolling out updates to the user interface but the stats page can be modified by manipulating the url. Hint: try &enddate=05-12-31"

    So I added that to the end of the URL and it didn't work but then I looked at the URL and saw that I could change the number of days. So I did.

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