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stats on Pages

  1. Against my better judgement, I have added an 'About' page. Will views of this 'About' page show up in the WP statistics so I can see how (in)effective it is ?

  2. Hmmm, I don't think I've ever seen any of my Pages on the Stats page. Don't see any listed. :(

  3. Dr Mike

    As ever, thanks for the prompt and informative reply.


  4. No big :)

  5. But isn't that considered a page view and counted towards the stats?

  6. Probably since I know when you view a page of Posts, it takes it as a count but I've never seen any of them listed by name on my Stats pages.

    You can go back and pull up the last 30 days to get a complete list at Dashboard -> Blog Stats -> Top Posts -> Summarize -> 30 Days. I'm assuming that this is a complete list since it goes all the way down to Posts with a 1 count.

  7. is definitely not recording visits to static Pages, I tested it 6-ways to sunday. Any chance this can be added?

  8. @swein
    Did you know that shiny stats, sitemeter and statscounter are all free and they do provide this information? I suggest that you may want to register with one of them and install a meter on your blog while you are waiting.

  9. I'm pretty sure those don't work with sites. They require adding code to the templates, no?

  10. Sitemeter and statscounter certainly do, can't say about shiny.

    If you do a search on the forum a few threads will turn up discussing it. I believe that sitemeter reps are on the forum occasionally too to help with problems.

    There might also be something in the faq.



  11. I have tried with Sitemeter. I set the blog address to WP, just as I should, but it never counted any visits.

    Blog stats counting visits to

    would be of great value!

    - perhaps even more important than counting visits to posts, because: when I am uploading eg. info which I believe is of general value to the visitors on my blog, obviously it is of great value to me to know if people are actually using it, or if it is a wasted effort / wrong topic.

    Additionally, regarding the kind of people are reading the blog, it could ad valuable input:
    did the visitors come because they found the study-in-Australia relevant info page in a Google search, or because they are interested in computer graphics or cartoons?

    That would give a hint about what to focus on in the post writings!

    A related question: Do pages appear when searching WP tags (~categories)?

  12. (seems there was a little html accident in my post)

  13. I have tried with Sitemeter. I set the blog address to WP, just as I should, but it never counted any visits.

    Sitemeter provides instructions for installing their meters both on blogs and blogs. If yours is not working please double check your installation procedures. They work very well on all my blogs here and on my other blogs elsewhere.

    IMO some of the information you are stating you would like to have access to may become available after the stats program improvements scheduled for April 1st are accomplished. However, I sincerely doubt that they will be made available free of charge. IMO you can expect that kind of detail only via a paid upgrade option.

    Pages do not have categories/tags. Posts do.
    A good way to determine how others find your blog and to see how effective your titles, key words categories/tags are is to do google blog searches and see to how frequently your blog shows up in them.

  14. Thank you, Thimethief ... Questions About Stats was useful...

    I know I can try searches, and other ways as well to find out... but it would be more convenient to have it all together in the WP stats.

    IMO you can expect that kind of detail only via a paid upgrade option

    Why? (just curious) I mean, when the other stats are free...

  15. I'm glad you found the information to be useful. It's just a guess but I notice that at sitemeter, statscounter, etc. in order to get the kind of detailed stats you are looking for bloggers have to upgrade from a free account to a paid account. The same is also true of other blog hosts. Also wordpress is only 1 1/2 years old and just beginning to monetize and as wordpress is no longer an open source project but now a corporation they began this summer running infrequent adsense ads on our blogs. In addition we are now beginning to get features through paid upgrades that we didn't have at all before like domains and css customization and additional storage space for images. So I'm simply assuming that in the future we will be paying for additional features. I freely admit I could be wrong but how else will wordpress monetize if not through offering paid features? Let's hope I'm wrong and that we'll be pleasantly surprised in April.

    Edit: In case your interested this thread has information about how to be sure your blog gets search engine attention

    P.S. You're graphics are awesome.

  16. they began this summer running infrequent adsense ads on our blogs

    What??? The time I have spend on my blog, I have spend trusting that this is a free and commercial free service and it will stay that way...

    Yes of course I understand that firms have to make money. In fact I do not understand why there are so many excellent free services on the Internet.

    I have installed Active meter but, honestly, I am not impressed. It does not show referrals or what pages are more popular (those functions are present, but empty).

    What is worst is that it seems impossible to insert a *wildcard* IP in the IP blocker, and as I have a dynamic not static IP, it ignores my IP only for a little while until my adress has changed again. So---

    Anyway, it gives some information WP's stat counter does not, eg. regional info, unique visitors, returning visitors, and duration of visits. I like to be sure my visitors are Danish as the text is almost entirely in Danish, so that is fine.


  17. PS. And Timethief, you are right of course, Sitemeter works fine on the blog. I just do not like the way it looks in the sidebar so I chose Activemeter because it is invisible

  18. If you type "Adsense" or "Ads on my blog" into the search box at the top of the forums you'll be able to see the whole issue. The reason we don't see the ads is that we are usually signed in when we visit a WordPress blog, and those who are signed in don't see them.

  19. they began this summer running infrequent adsense ads on our blogs

    Anne please read this thread from the official blog

    Also note that the TOS contract you agreed to to get a blog does not bind wordpress as you seem to believe when you express this.
    What??? The time I have spend on my blog, I have spend trusting that this is a free and commercial free service and it will stay that way...
    Things may change.

  20. Now, this does really not suit me very well. I might even consider to move away from WordPress again. Alright I guess WordPress is not bound by the TOS, however... I do not like this.

  21. I've seen them a grand total of five times. :)

  22. Yes, but how many times have your visitors seen them? As far as I understand the topic, WP tries to make them invisible to logged in persons and regular readers, so the mainly affects first time visitors.

    I would any time prefer to see my blog, as the visitors do! .. other wise I don´t know what I am doing! regarding layout, images, e.t.c ... When I do not know where the ads are, and how they look.

  23. @ anne1024
    What you said is only partly true. In fact, it's only wordpress bloggers who are logged in to wordpress at the time, who cannot see the ads when they are running on the blogs.

    Bloggers at have the benefit of the tag pages and that drives traffic to their blogs. As is our blog host we do not have to hire a web host. We have excellent free support and traffic free of charge. Moreover, we simply blog and leave the "geekery" to staff.

    Bloggers at, who can have as much advertising as they want on their blogs, do not have access to the tag pages and consequently don't get that traffic. They have to either be geeky enough to self host their own blogs or reach into their pockets and pay a web host.

    Also note that drmike and the bloggers do not make policy.

    When these matters were discussed in the past on this forum one nightmareish blogger, who wants to run adsense ads on his blogs here (like the others he has hosted elsewhere and the ones on posted multiple threads on the adsense subject became downright nasty to me and made even troll posts.

    If you type "adsense" into the forum search box and read the threads you will appreciate what I'm talking about and maybe even think twice about trying to stir these smoldering embers.

  24. But to return to the topic of this thread:


    Did you know that shiny stats, sitemeter and statscounter are all free and they do provide this information?

    I don´t know about the other two, but I copied this from Site Meter's instruction on adding Site Meter to a WP blog:

    Unfortunately, does not allow you to add the javascript version of Site Meter to your pages. That means you won't be able to track the original URL from which your visitors came before linking to your site. Other things that Site Meter won't be able to track about your visitors include time zones, keywords, search engines used, screen resolution, screen depth or javascript version.

  25. Anne 1024,
    You are not telling me anything I do not already know. :)
    I do use sitemeters and here's an example of 1 reader's visit to one of my blogs
    Domain Name ? (Canada)
    IP Address 69.158.182.# (Bell Canada)
    ISP Bell Canada
    Continent : North America
    Country : Canada (Facts)
    State/Region : Ontario
    City : Thornhill
    Lat/Long : 43.8, -79.4167 (Map)
    Language unknown
    Operating System Microsoft WinXP
    Browser Firefox 2.0
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061204 Firefox/
    Javascript disabled
    Time of Visit Jan 28 2007 4:10:10 pm
    Last Page View Jan 28 2007 4:15:15 pm
    Visit Length 5 minutes 5 seconds
    Page Views 5
    Referring URL unknown
    Visit Entry Page
    Visit Exit Page
    Out Click
    Time Zone unknown
    Visitor's Time Unknown
    Visit Number 33,384
    As well as the foregoing I get weekly reports like this one:
    Total ........................
    Average per Day .................
    Average Visit Length ..........
    This Week ......................
    Page Views
    Total ........................
    Average per Day .................
    Average per Visit ..............
    This Week ......................
    Granted because I can't have the javascrpipt version of sitemeter I don't know the referring url and visitor's time zones. But from my point of view this is not a great loss as I'm not stats fixated.
    Also I have wordpress stats from the beta program that provide me with the search engine and search string information.
    This explains why javascript is stripped on this multi-user blogging platform. In a nutshell if it were allowed and I hacked into just one such embed I could access every one of the 600,000 blogs.
    I am happy with the free service I get from both and from sitemeter. :)

  26. Yes, the details you shows are very detailed.

    However, I am not so interested in details about <i>visitors</i> (as long as they are Danish) but more which <i>pages</i> are being read ... if at all, since I am trying to/planning to upload information of utility to Danes who wish to study in or visit Australia - and would like to know if anyone finds/reads the pages, and if so, which is more popular... and that kind.

    However... I await the beta version.

    I am happy about the free services too; I am just trying to identify the right tool.

  27. anne
    Stop and think. We the users of are the beta community. is is home base where the features are rolled out. Be an optimist. Look forward to April being a month where we get good news about the stats program. :)

  28. Aha, sounds like I am complaining too much...

    Well that is not my intention

  29. Just for reference, I look at a couple hundred pages a day around here while logged out and I've seen adverts about five times in as many months.

    Something to thinnk about. If was making real money off of the adverts, don't you think we'd be seeing them a whole lot more?

  30. I've decided that the adsense ads wordpress is running isn't an important issue for me anymore. The way I came to this conclusion was to check blogs out from two internet places on my island and in the city without signing in. I checked six times at three different locations over a 2 month period and only saw ads on blogs twice.

    IMO wordpress is the best blogging technology available. I notice the furious pace at which our beloved geeks have been firing out improvements and features. They are responsive to user input.
    One could shrivel up and die waiting for support at Blogger, I know that because I escaped from there. Without doubt our support here at is excellent and the turn-around time when it comes to getting answers is without rival in the blogosphere.
    The tag pages are also outstanding.
    As far as the blog stats goes I'm prepared to be pleasantly surprised. :)

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