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Stats on unique hits NOT page views

  1. Hi,

    The stats page on wordpress are great. However, I can only see a page on page views stats - is there any monitor on how many (unique) hits the site gets ?

    I understand each person (hit) may view many pages hence I would like to know if I monitor how many hits the site gets,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. hello there,
    We can't help you until you post the URL for the blog to which you refer. Please do that now starting with http://

  3. stats do not track unique visitors, countries, IP addresses, or other details.

  4. There are third party visitor tracking programs that do provide countries and other details and that can be used on blogs. I have reviewed several. Note that javascript cannot be used on our blogs here as the software will strip out the code to preserve security on this multiuser blogging platform.

  5. Thanks,

    I went to your website. I saw the feedit or cluster maps, but which is the site so we can get the stats on unique visitors?

  6. None of the programs I tried and reviewed provided unique visitors stats. Perhaps go-stats may provide that information but I do not know that for sure as I have yet to try it or review it.

  7. You should be able to in Statcounter, as far as I know.

  8. What’s is the version of wordpress that WORDPRESS hosts on its servers. This means that access to modify the blog template is restricted according to what wordpress allows i.e. you can only install the StatCounter html-only code.

    What’s a html-only counter?
    Where you can’t install a full javascript counter, StatCounter offers you the option to install a html-only counter. While a html-only counter can’t offer you the same range of stats as the full code can, it does provide you with information on hits, browsers, location of visitors. You need to install the full javascript code to see referrers – the html counter can’t capture this information.

  9. See also:
    Note that it does not appear to be referring to the HTML version.

  10. @aswjmedia
    Please post the URL for the blog to which you refer starting with http://

  11. @aswjmedia

    I went to your website. I saw the feedit or cluster maps, but which is the site so we can get the stats on unique visitors?

    Is this the blog in question?

    I have now tried out and am using two simple counters that do record unique visitors, and can be used on blogs. See >

  12. gostats provides stats for IP Hosts, Unique Sessions and Unique Visitors and has graphs with numbers and percentages and more. Which I dont check because its like math to me but there is information for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats if thats what you want.

  13. And wpadvanced above is right: Statcounter records number of unique visitors.

  14. @lolavibe
    I've tested all of them except go-stats.

    Yes, and I have confirmed that now.

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