Stats out of control!

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    Ever since I installed statcounter on my blog, I figured out that Statcounter says I have more hits than does. Do any of you know why?

    The blog I need help with is


    They all count stats differently. If you installed sitemeter and activemeter along with statcounter and the .COM stats, you would see 4 different results, and in my experience there is no consistency. One day one will be higher, the next day another and the next day a different one will be higher. When I was testing and had all 4 on my blog, I saw them vary by as much as 50%.


    So, what is the most accurate product for counting blog stats available?



    I would say Google Analytics, which BTW is the backbone service of WordPress stats.



    WordPress stats is an independent service unrelated to Google Analytics.

    The difference in figures shown by different stats services stems mainly from definitions, not accuracy in the sense that one of them is malfunctioning or can’t add up. What is a “page view”, “visitor”, “visit”? There is no single recognized definition of these things. And web traffic is messy – it’s made up of interfaces and resources, not people and pages. Each stats service uses slightly different definitions and assumptions, so you get different numbers.

    Ever hear about the guy who can accurately count stampeding cattle as they run past? When asked how he does it, he says he just counts the legs and divides by four.



    Tellyworth, that’s strange because I could of swore I saw Google Analytics load on my blog.


    Member is running Google Analytics on our blogs. I know that for a fact, but as to where they get the stats they give us, I’m not sure.


    I’m wondering it the GA is for tracking on the adsense they run on our blogs?



    Probably, come to think of it.

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