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    When I logged in this morning, I noticed that my stats page now contains a big banner about my checklist and “personalizing my contact page.” It says I’m 83% done building my blog and to finish this last step before my blog goes live.

    I’ve had this blog since January. I’ve had a contact page since then. If I look at my blog my contact page seems accessible and published.

    When I go into the checklist to do this last step that I’m apparently missing, I get an error that says “Invalid post Address – This post cannot be found, check the web address or start a new post.” If I hit cancel, it takes me back to the incomplete checklist with the option to do my contact page again. If I click new post, it just takes me to create a blog post, not a site page. I’m going in circles. I can’t clear this banner for the checklist off of my stats page.

    Is there something wrong with my account or blog that I don’t understand how to fix? Everything looks fine like it did yesterday and 8 months ago, but suddenly I’m getting this incomplete checklist concerning my contact page that I can’t actually do anything with.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, I checked on your stats pages, both through My Sites and also through the WP Admin dashboard, and do not see that notice. Has this been resolved, or is it still showing up for you?

    To create a page, rather than a post, go to My Sites > Site Pages and you can create a page.

    I see your contact page just fine, and do not see anything wrong with it.

    Let us know if this is still an issue and we can investigate further, but right now I’m not able to reproduce it on your site.


    @thesacredpath This appears to be something they were experimenting with in the Calyypso dashboard earlier today. See also:

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