Stats Page Hangs (using Chrome)

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    When I log in, my stats page attempts to load (since that’s the page that was displayed when I was previously logged in) – all I get is a white screen (and the URL reads: – there is no indication (at the right) that I am logged in I am using Chrome). However, if I go directly to my blog ( I am shown as being logged in and all other pages (Manage Comments, Dashboard, Read Blog, etc.) display – all except Stats (again, all I get is a white screen). I have cleared the cache and cookies, and tried this several times – the result is always the same. Help!

    Margo Karolyi
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there,

    We’re currently investigating some network-related issues with several features, including Statistics. Please sit tight–we’re doing our best to get things resolved, post haste!




    Thanks. Stats hangs a lot of the time with Chrome. Great for WP’s stats for its home page, if every attempt is counted as a hit.



    Hi there,

    When I visit my stats page, using Chrome, I do get the graphic, but the other fields, like referrers, links, search terms etc, display endless spinning wheels.

    Hope it is resolved swiftly.

    Thank you, best,

    Mabel Amber


    And it is now hanging here in Firefox 14.0.1 – like mabelamber, the main “at a glance” graph loads, and the rest have constantly spinning gears. Cleared cache, cookies, logged back in, etc.



    Using updated Firefox with no add-ons, and stats, reader, notifications all are inaccessible – nothing but a blank white page, except for stats where the wheels are spinning away. No links, referrers, etc.

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