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    Anyone else noticing some discrepancies on their stats pages between page views and referrals? It seems that something isn’t working properly this morning. I submitted a note through feedback as well, but I was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.



    A referral is when someone visites you site. They may view more than one page though which would mean more page views.


    Yes, I know that. But that wasn’t my question. My question is why are no referrals showing up today and if anyone else is having this problem. I appreciate your reply, but you didn’t address my concern.



    Actually I did answer the question that you wrote. At no time did you state that you hadn’t received any referrals, just that there was a difference in count.

    To answer your second question, I am showing referrals on my site and they appear to be about the same amount and from the same sources as normal.

    I did click on your link here and poked around your site for a bit. See if anything shows up from this thread.

    Hope this helps,


    That did help. Thanks, Drmike.

    Also, I apologize if my firts reply appeared a little brusque. That wasn’t my intention! I guess I’m just getting more regular visitors than I thought.



    Here’s the definitive answer about the disparity between referrer count and visit count: we don’t store referrer data for some views. The most notable exceptions are those that are parsed into search terms but there may be others from time to time. Those numbers are not intended to be identical, so put your calculators away and get back to blogging! :)

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