Stats page will no longer load using Tor

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    Hi WordPressers,

    We use Tor to run our blog, and everything has worked fine until recently. However, we have been unable to view our site stats ever since the stats moved to instead of just being a page of our dashboard. There are no error messages, but the area between the menu at the top (new post, reader, notifications, etc) and the links at the bottom (on, also cool, etc) simply stays blank and we can’t click any of the menu options.

    It’s possible this is an issue with Tor, but the old stats page worked fine with the most recent update, so it seems like it might be a compatibility issue with wordpress.

    Thanks so much for your help,


    The blog I need help with is


    It’s been about a week now and I still can’t load the stats page, so I just thought I’d give this post a bump. Is anyone else having similar issues with the stats page? Any other Tor users out there?

    (Tor Browser is a version of Firefox designed for online anonymity.)

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