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Stats page won't load

  1. I wait & wait but the little wheel just keeps going around & around and the stats don't come up. This has been happening for a few days now and it's a bit disappointing not to be able to see them. I use IE8 and I don't see why that shouldn't be compatible.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is it possible for you to upgrade to IE9 or to download Firefox 15.0.1? You can do either one or both here

  3. I've tried uploading IE9 but there's some incompatibility ptoblem wth my computer for some reason. I've been getting those WP messages on my dashboard "your browser is out of date, please upgrade etc ..." but my point is that surely IE8 is not so far out of date that WP can't make the stats page work for it. IE works for all my other browsing needs - the only problem seems to be with WordPress.

  4. I just got a new computer and have IE9. I too get the "your browser is out of date" message and have the same issue with the stats page not loading.

    Is there anyone who can help us?

  5. It seems not.

  6. thistimethisspace

    I don't know why your stats page dosen't load using IE8. :(

    If you are running IE9 incompatibility mode then it renders as IE7 and IE7 is not supported. That's why you get that notice.

  7. There were no problems until WP moved the stats page away from our dashboards and centralised it. It's obviously a glitch with WP because, as I said, IE8 serves all my other browsing needs quite well.

  8. I use IE8 and have had the same problems for days. I believe as of today the problem for me is 'compatibility mode.' When I turn it 'off' it finishes loading. IE8 apparently requires one to be in 'compatibility mode,' and WP 'stats' page doesn't like it. hahaha. Anyway try changing that mode.

  9. Thanks lakeite - it looks like you're right. I didn't have to switch it off, I just clicked on 'Tools' and then on 'Compatability view' and the stats loaded. A bit annoying if I have to do that every time I go to stats.

  10. Oh, clicking on "Compatability view", does turn it on or off. It seems to be self-restoring though - meaning I need to turn it off every time I want to view stats, read notifications or see the full comments page edit box with its controls. Very inconvenient.

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