Stats Plugin Stopped Working: API Problem

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    @timethief you seem to know a lot about Jetpack, do you know if one installs, activates, deactivates AND uninstalls Jetpack, would wp-stats keep working?


    Stats working now, just be patient, don’t install jetpack.



    This is a strange one, I had exactly the same problem on two of my self hosted blogs but the other two are fine.

    On one of the two which is running WP 3.05 I installed jetpack and it has fixed the problem.

    The other is running 2.84 so jetpack cannot be installed, as it needs 3.05 and above. Guess that one is screwed until the global issue gets fixed – assuming that happens of course!


    Stats still not working for me. Will wait some more.



    @timethief tried to install jetpack, when trying to connect it gives an error the site is not public ( ) what is that all about?



    Stats back to work for me in my non-jetpack sites.


    Still not working here, damn WordPress Slow as hell responding to this issue!!



    Nothing doing here either



    They’re not. I know for a fact they’ve been working on it at least four days (as I reported it back then and got an email from them then).

    What I did was deactivate Jetpack, wait a couple of days, reactivated it, and it’s worked since then, although there are glitches. I suggest you try that too, and in the meantime use Google Analytics or Sitemeter as a backup. They are simple to install.



    Installed Jetpack, deleted stats.
    All works well.



    @davidm427 I tried that and did not work for me. Installing Jetpack and when I try to connect my site to Jetpack tells me that it can not connect because I website is not available to the public. Interesting!



    Same problem for me. Stats worked a few days ago too.



    Do you have a blog that is set to private? Check the privacy settings on ALL your blogs. And report that to staff, as it’s not something of which I have heard before.



    I from Russia.
    The statistics has ceased to work too.
    At me 2 sites – one old and one new.
    Has put jetpack and the statistics has exchanged in places. In the new shows statistics of an old site. And in old emptiness as though on a site nobody came till this day.
    I do not understand as it to correct. Constantly I see an error.
    The item with. Forgive for my awful English



    Do not apologize for your English. We can understand you very clearly. Many have this issue and Staff are working to correct it.

    You may want to install a third party visitor tracker like sitemeter or getclicky or statcounter to use until the problem is fixed. In fact it’s always good to have another visitor tracking program.



    installed Jetpack 1.1.1, linked/activated my blog, when clicking site stats in my control panel I get:

    invalid_signature: The timestamp is too old.



    Hello all,
    my stats are fixed, after 48 hours of not working.
    I also finally received a response from support (I had mailed them) saying that had been working on fixing the but and it should be done now.
    They did ask me to let them know if I still have problems.

    So for those with their stats still broken I think these are the things to do:
    1. write to support at wordpress dot com if you still have problems
    2. be patient
    3. don’t give in to the Jetpack pressure if you don’t feel like it, it is NOT something that fixes the bug despite what some claim, it is an altogether different plugin which may have its own advantages and disadvantages


    oh just one more thing – in my newly appeared stats I can also see that WP support did access my blog, so they really did check it and fixed it.
    In the end the best advice received was actually to write an email to them.
    I know it’s not easy, but sometimes you’ve got to trust that someone’s there on the other end ready to help :)



    My stats are working, but lots of the post titles are appearing as (deleted) instead of displaying the post title.



    The stats plugin is provided for free and any help for it is provided for free. We should remember that.

    Having written that, the cryptic “take your troubles elsewhere” bot message was not helpful.

    Things break in the IT world. It is obvious that changed something, probably in an effort to improve things for us, for free and something got broke.

    Perhaps instead of a bot, a message – with periodic updates on the situation, posted in a prominent, easy to find place, on the site would mollify loyal users and make staff feel less beleaguered?

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