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Stats problem?

  1. Is there anyone else out there seeing a significant drop in Blog Stats today?
    For months now i have usually 500-800 pageviews in 24 hours, now there are almost 18 hours gone, and there are just 250 pv's for today.

  2. I'm at 509 for my main blog and 497 for the webcomic. About right for noonish.

  3. My stats reflect the fact it's a Saturday. They always plummet on weekends.

  4. I'm down about 20%, which is normal for a Saturday. It's not a long weekend or something where your readers are? That sends it right through the floor. Also, check your feed stats; sometimes when Google or WordPress or one of the other demigods tweak things, hits move from our regular stats to our RSS stats.

  5. Yeah, you're right Raincoaster, the 2 week long Easter-Holidays just started here. But, the stats weren't below 500 for months, though i know about the ups and downs on weekends. Feedstats seems normal, around 100.

    But maybe it's also because i stopped publishing every day, and try to have 1 or 2 days off blogging in a week. It seems people generally don't like that so much, at least for my type of content. Because the pvs dropped from approx 800 to 600 in two months, since i started this.

  6. Yes, try to stock the pond with one or two delayed posts for days when you don't usually post. That keeps 'em coming back.

  7. Agreed and I've also noticed post-dating is effective. I've also noted that if let my articles out spacing them an hour or two apart on week days that this will increase stats too. The best days of the week for my blog tend to be Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  8. The absolute optimum way to space out your posts, unless you have a local-issues blog, is to do it so that they're around the clock, evenly distributed. This gives people in ALL time zones a reason to check your blog. My best week ever was when I posted every six hours around the clock, but I wrote just the same amount of posts as ever.

    Local blogs should be timed for when people are at work and that brief pre- and after-dinner period. No sense posting when they're asleep.

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