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Stats problem?

  1. Is there any kind of stats problem today?

    Some referrers aren't being shown, like reddit and several forums where I should have referrals from.

    The top posts show 10 on the main stats page, but only 8 when I select to view them all and from the search engine terms I can tell that there should be way more posts listed when I select them.

    The incoming links [this is over the last few weeks btw] shows between 2-5 incoming links and that number changes on every refresh practically. It's the same top 5 links, but they just aren't always displayed on the main page.

    EDIT: Sorry, I was typing so long on this [then had to log in again] that there is already another thread about it.

  2. Your stats look fine to me.

  3. They seem to be all fine now. Thanks, Andy.

    And yes, that is a very moving photo series. :)

  4. Just another stats related thing I've seen this image come up a few times instead of the normal display graph. What does it mean?

  5. Haven't seen that on mine. If others were getting it, we'd be hearing it here in teh forums. I'd go ahead and send in a feedback on that one with teh link.

  6. Yes, I've seen that a couple of times, but not for like a year. And never from home; it was always when I was checking from a computer at a client's office.

  7. Cheers, feedback sent. :)

    EDIT: Well, I wasn't blogging here a year ago. ;) Did you ever find out what it was, raincoaster?

  8. Nope, no idea. Sent a feedback and it never recurred.

  9. Here's the deal:
    When you go to that page, the graph starts that little 'rolling around thing' while it loads the flash and the data. The screen you see happens when the data cannot be loaded. The data not loading is not a problem, it's not any sort of indication of things going wrong - it just happens. Remember that the Flash expects the data to load in a very short space of time and it's that short time which effective timesout.

    Reloading / refreshing the screen should fix it. If not, leave it a short while and try again.

    This is something to do with Flash and how it works. When Andy knows more about Flash that screen will be changed :)

  10. Thanks, Mark. I have seen another bright orange screen before though when it failed to load. Something about 'timeout'.

    Anyways, good to know it's not an issue. :)

  11. thks Mark for the super fast reply to the e-mail I sent. I have that problem too. Not ok yet. But maybe that flash stuff will be fixed soon.

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