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Stats problem

  1. I have visited the stats section for my blog plenty of time today and like 5 minutes ago when I checked it,
    stat Referrers, search engine terms and clicks were switch with another stats page.

    Im a huge fan of screenshots so I provided pictures of the situation below

  2. And I was to add that my other stat pages are ok, its just for aug 13th, and 14th

  3. Mine also. Seems to be adding 14th stats to 13th like it hasn't clicked over though the graph has.

  4. great, so Im not the only one

  5. Count me in i'm also having the same problem » Screen Shot

  6. hookedonhouses

    Me, too!

  7. Mix up in stats for 13th and 14th Aug.
    Hope wordpress resolves it soon !

  8. Top Posts and Pages has clicked over but not Referrers, Clicks or Search Engine Terms. So maybe it is being tackled piece by piece?!?

  9. I'm also having the exact same problem....I'm kinda obsessed with checking my stats at the moment (I guess the result of having a new blog), so this is making me sad :(

  10. The Kiwi is having a similar issue... the lists of referrers and search engine terms are the ones from aug 12 and both say "none" for aug 13, which is listed below the info from aug 12.

  11. whoops. I meant the info from yesterday (aug 13) is still displayed, and then below that, it says Aug 13 and then says "none."

    I have to learn how to do a screenshot...

  12. My stats has been funny too since yesterday.

    Yesterday (aug 13), it shows aug 12th referer and aug 12th referer. So both said 'Yesterday'. And today there's only today's referer stats, no yesterday's.

    It also happens to 'Title - Views' and 'Clicks' stats.

  13. Stats ninjas are rappelling from the ceiling as we speak.

  14. The stats ninjas tell me they're rescheduling midnight to fix it.

  15. I have a new issue The yesterday referrers are now showing
    double on my screen... » Screen Shot

  16. Teck07,

    Same here.
    Telly said ninjas coming by midnight...
    So we wait to see stats ninjas hunt the double ghosts. LOL~

  17. Now I have double of every thing in my stats so maybe there trying to fix it...

  18. Mine's fixed. Thanks.

  19. Mine's fixed too. Is it midnight already for the ninjas? It's noon here in Indonesia.

  20. The only stats problem I'm having now is there's not so many visitors :-S

  21. Mine's fixed Thank you

    P.s. I disabled the screen shots


  22. I hate spammers :(

  23. There isn't any point, if you're just going to get the blog suspended for spamming.

  24. Wow! I thought spammers as unclever as that had extinct...

  25. I doubt my spelling was right.

    Extinct. Extinkt. Exting. Extint.

  26. Now I also doubt my grammar was correct.

  27. yep mine is fixed also

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